Where to Hide Your Spare Car Key and Where Not to Hide It

Spare Car Key

Spare Car Key (Backup) Car keys are probably near the top of the items that people lose or misplace. As a result, having a spare car key is a necessity rather than a luxury. However, where should you stow it? A reputable Locksmith RedHill, Stronghold Locksmiths, recommends using a magnetised lock box to keep your

Will Automobile Keys Be Obsolete in the Coming Future?

Automobile Key

No More Car Keys As a driver, you’ve probably had your car keys stolen or misplaced and then contacted a locksmith in Newstead. No one enjoys having a headache. You may have even needed the assistance of an auto locksmith company to obtain a replacement key. Key fobs may soon be obsolete thanks to an

Common UPVC Door Lock & Window Problems


  A UPVC door or window can be broken for various reasons and requires repair. Because these products are most commonly installed in domestic and residential settings, they are prone to overuse and wear. So, right now, we will go over the most common issues with UPVC doors and windows and some tips on how

Local Car Locksmiths Investigate Ignition Switch Issues

Ignition Switch Issues

  Even though today’s cars have automatic transmissions, they still have an ignition key. The ignition switch next to the steering column turns when you insert the key, and the engine starts. What if it doesn’t? Then your irritability kicks in. It would be best to choose between having your car towed to an auto

3 Newer Intercom System Features


  Intercoms have existed for quite some time. Multiple stations, wiring throughout the walls, phones, headsets, a power supply, and other components are used to make basic intercom systems somewhat complicated. Intercoms were not cheap when they first came out, and they weren’t very advanced either. Intercom systems from the past were incompatible with modern

How Do You Select A Business Safe For Your Office?

Business Safe   Picking the perfect safe for your office is not always easy. To keep your assets safe, a commercial safe should be equipped with many features. It must also provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the security of your business. Contact our Locksmith Albion for Commercial Safes with many features for ...

Thawing Frozen Doors, Windows, And Locks Safely

Frozen Door   Many people may find themselves stranded as the weather worsens. Not because of a car accident or because of power outages caused by ice storms. Instead, frozen doors and locks keep them from getting into their cars and homes. So, if your door won't budge this winter or your key won't get past the ...

Transponder Keys: Everything You Need To Know

Car Keys   For vehicle owners and even homeowners, a transponder key opens up a whole new world of security. Although transponder technology is useful in a variety of situations, it is primarily used for automobile security. Transponder keys are not the same as an automotive remote or "fob," despite the fact that they serve similar functions. ...

Bluetooth Locks – Everything You Need to Know

Bluetooth Smart Door Lock The convenience factor of adopting smart technology is immense. It will allow you to control electronic devices and systems from any location. You can also save money by using energy-saving smart power strips and energy tracking devices. When it comes to security, there are a number of smart options available. Bluetooth locks, on the other ...

How To Secure A Door Without Using A Lock

Secure Door There are several reasons why you might want to lock a door that isn't locked. You may want to use your keys to lock any of your interior doors. You may need to secure your front door because you have misplaced your keys in some cases. So, while you wait for a Locksmith Windsor service ...