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Stronghold Locksmiths began as a small locksmith services company, getting calls from people who needed help changing their locks, getting key cutting or installations of key systems, or regaining access to their own homes. From these humble beginnings, we gained community trust and honed our professional skills to become a comprehensive provider within our field. We have since developed a long and proud reputation as Stronghold Locksmiths, the go-to North Brisbane locksmith.

We now have over 10 years of experience in the security industry, offering 24-hour emergency service at great value, and with no hidden costs. Stronghold Locksmiths has worked with all the new types of locks created over the years, building over a decade of experience for all situations.

We are fully equipped to deal with any type of situation, whether you’re seeking a special lock for your property, or are simply locked outside of your home. Whatever your needs, Stronghold Locksmiths are the best Brisbane North locksmith service to call. We’re always on standby to provide emergency services if required and ready to help with affordable service around Brisbane north areas. There is no extra service charge added onto our bills; the cost we agree upon is the final price. So contact us today

Our most popular services include lock changes, re-keys, lost keys, and broken key extractions. Lock changes and re-keys can be useful when you want to change your keys. Re-keying achieves the same result as getting a new set of keys for the fraction of the price, simply by changing a part of the lock.

We can also help you if you have lost your keys; our van is fully equipped with tools to help you replace your lost keys, key systems or key cutting work. Your locks can also be replaced, to make sure that the keys that you have lost can no longer open your door.

Broken key extractions are another area of expertise for our Brisbane locksmith services. Sometimes you can exert too much power when twisting the key in the lock, resulting in breakage. In such cases, the tip of your key is left in the lock, and now you’re stuck with a broken key and an unusable lock. We can extract the broken key from the lock and provide you with a new one. So if you are in north Brisbane and struck, cal our emergency locksmith services and we can help you with your door lock. Our locksmiths are always on the road and ready to provide emergency locksmith services and mobile services

Providing locksmith North Brisbane services

As one of the finest locksmith service in Brisbane Northside, Strongholds Locksmiths has helped over 1,250 people get into their homes and feel secure. Through years of successful service for the greater north Brisbane community helping with their security needs, we’ve grown our company to 50 people, making it simpler than ever to provide round the clock service. We are proud of our longstanding reputation for quality, as well as our continuing commitment to completing our work professionally and on time.

At Stronghold Locksmiths, the top affordable locksmiths in north Brisbane, we ensure that you get the excellent level of service you deserve. If you ever want to re-key, create a new key, or extract a broken key from your lock, just give us a call. Strongholds locksmiths have got your back – always aiming to complete our work fast.
We can be reached at 1300-205-512, and we recommend putting our number into your phone even if you don’t need us today, just so that you can reach us right away in case of emergency.

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