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Locked out or Lost your keys

What to do if you are locked out or have lost your keys?

Locksmith chermside are here to help you for all your key cutting and lock issues. What happens when you are locked out of your home or have somehow lost your keys? A Reliable locksmith services provider like StrongholdLocksmiths can quickly come to your aid. A skilled locksmith uses the most recent techniques and technology to gain access to your home without breaking out a sweat. They can open the door by doing key cutting, drilling or picking the lock, keeping any potential, expensive repairs to the door to a minimum. Chermside emergency locksmith available to assist you 24/7 with emergency services like master key systems, . we cover all northside area’s i.e locksmith west chermside, locksmith north brisbane chermside west & locksmith north brisbane chermside west qld.

What happens when you are locked out, but the keys are inside?

A Locksmith Chermside can get entry to most locks without the nee dot replace it, therefore you can continue using your existing keys. It often happens that someone accidentally left their keys inside while being locked out of the house.

Lost Keys
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What happen when you are locked out, but have lost you keys?

If you managed to lock yourself out and have lost your keys, how you will open the door is contingent on the type of lock:

Mortice locks

If you’ve lost your keys to a mortice lock, you will require the expertise of an experienced locksmith chermside to drill the lock to get access, replace it, and then give you a new set of keys. Alternatively, the locksmith can pick the lock to get inside and then make a new key, however making keys often takes more time, that’s why people tend to opt of the more costly option.

Restricted or suited lock systems

If you somehow lost a key to a restricted or suited lock. a locksmith can replace the lock or can order one on your behalf.

Yale locks (cylinder rim locks)

If you have lost the keys to you cylinder rim lock, our locksmith chermside will attempt to pick the cylinders if possible. However, if this cannot be done, they will have to drill your lock to open the door after which they must change the lock barrel. Try out our locksmith service by contacting us today.