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Letterbox Security

As a homeowner, you are likely already aware of the importance of locking the front door at all times to keep your family and home safe. You should invest in high-quality systems features for your home, but they aren’t the only thing you need to focus on. In addition to strong and reliable doors, you should also make sure that your letter drop Box is soundly secured. There is a growing number of burglars and criminals who take advantage of letterboxes in order to gain properties. Even though letterboxes are an essential part of many houses (after all, they make it easy for us to receive mail), they can put your home at risk if they’re not properly secured.

High-Security Letterbox Locks

You can replace the cheap mechanical lock on any mailbox with one of many high-security options at Stronghold Locksmiths. Depending on the needs of your business, we can provide you with many options to protect your mail.

Standard safeguards can be replaced with high-security lock systems such as:

  • High-security 5-pin tumbler lock replacement sets
  • Commercial-grade wafer
  • Combination of security turnkeys and padlocks
  • Cam locks with number combinations
  • Digital drop box locks with keypads
  • Biometric Letterboxes (fingerprints) 
  • Smart-home safety guard with keyless entry

Additionally, we can upgrade the security level of your mailbox by replacing it with a durable heavy-duty stainless steel one. With high-quality hardware and components, we install, repair, and upgrade mailboxes. Our locksmiths can suggest the most appropriate mailbox locks for your mailbox based on the types and sizes of mailboxes you own. For example, a lock that works well on a standalone mailbox may not work well on a communal mailbox or multi-bank mailbox.

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In addition to access to accessing vehicle lockout services, we also provide key-cutting, key repairing, and replacing keys too.

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With over a decade of experience in the locksmith industry, our company team has built a reputation among our clients as a reliable locksmith.

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Commercial Mailbox

Advantages of Secure Mailboxes

There are a number of numerous reasons to replace your old postbox lock with a more secure one, such as:

  • Protection against porch pirates and mail theft
  • Increased security against postbox vandalism
  • Safeguarding valuable packages from theft
  • Protecting against identity theft and bank fraud
  • Ensure that your mail is easily accessible and that it is difficult for tampering or breaking in
  • Providing you with peace of mind

Mailboxes Key Replacement

A Mailboxes lock is probably one of the most frequently requested locksmith services in Brisbane. When moving into a new home or office, these high-safety letterboxes lock, and their required replacement keys required, are often the last thing you think about, and you only realize that you don’t have one when you really need it.

Our team at Stronghold Locksmiths can make replacement keys or cut new keys for your Dropbox lock most of the time, using the owner’s existing code or key or creating a new code for the owner and a new key if required. If we are unable to make a suitable enough key for your pillar box lock because of damage or odd lock style, we can replace it with an affordable Australian-branded pillar box lock with 2 new keys.

Call Stronghold Locksmiths on 1300 205 512 for an affordable pillar box key and lock feature if you need to contact a locksmith to make keys and locks.


When your locking Post Box is broken, most postal carriers won’t drop your mail in there because it’s broken or full of mail. They usually attach a notice letter to write on the outside of the box. If your Post Box has a broken lock, anyone may be able to process your mail. It may also indicate that your key does not work with your lock. In such a situation, you need Emergency Locksmith in Brisbane to look into what is wrong with your mailbox lock. It might just be a matter of changing it out for a new one.

The key quantity for Letter Drop can vary.

Pillar-box crimes can include stealing mail during delivery, intercepting sensitive information such as credit cards or personal identification documents during delivery, altering or tampering with mail contents during delivery, or using stolen information for fraudulent purposes during delivery.

Yes, high-security pillar boxes provided by Stronghold Locksmiths typically come with a warranty.

visit our website at https://www.strongholdlocksmiths.com/letterbox-lock/. On our website, you will find testimonial files from satisfied consumers who have shared their reviews with Stronghold Locksmiths.

Absolutely! Stronghold Locksmiths add services of cabinets.

Yes, Stronghold Locksmiths can add additional features required to enhance the overall facility of your pillar box.

Yes, Stronghold Locksmiths offers pillar box safeguard with keyless entry options. This system utilizes a range of digital or electronic key mechanisms, such as keypads or RFID cards, for convenient and secure access to your mailbox without the need for traditional keys.