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More about master key systems and how they work


A master-key systems has two locks/cylinders that permit various groups or single key holders to gain access to an individual or to all rooms in a building. The key itself is not unusual or different, however, the locks they fit into are. Master-keyed locks are manufactured to open with various keys, one that is particular for every lock and can’t operate any other key in the set. However, a master can open all the locks in the set.

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How does a master key system operate?


Locks with master keys have a second set of mechanisms which is used to operate them precisely the same as all the others in a set of locks. Most locks are made with a basic concept. The most commonplace and widely used lock is a cylinder lock. The key is turning a cylinder which then turns the attached cam. Once the cylinder is turned in the opposite direction, the cam will release the bolt and a spring snaps into position to allow the door to be opened.

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Why should you consider a master key system?


It is useful to install a master-key systems by using a locksmith geebung. The most obvious benefit of a master-key systems is that access is controlled across the building, only permitting certain individuals access to specific areas in the building. With a master key, it is easy to define precisely who has access to which areas and the system is easy to use. Only one key is required for all the relevant doors. A reliable locksmith geebung can do a basic mastering system inhouse. An entire set of cylinders and padlocks can be mastered. This is an incredibly convenient option for an owner or manager of a company where one key fits all locks.