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Are you looking for commercial locksmith services? Our highly professional staff provides a service that is specifically linked to your commercial or industrial needs.  Why should you go for our commercial locksmith, when you can just go for a regular one? Our extensively trained commercial locksmiths can provide a solution for every setup. But they are more competent towards large-scale security setups. Because professional setups need proficient security, we understand the requirements quite well.

A professional approach to protection

At StrongHold Locksmiths, we offer top-notch commercial services that you are in dire need of.

Here to mention some of the most wanted services that we are proficient at,


Commercial and industrial setups usually want new strategies to ace their business in the market. They want everything up to the mark and they want to use the latest technology. If you are such a commercial setup and you are no more interested in conventional security setups, we have got a solution for you. At StrongHold Locksmiths, we offer services to install electronic locks. With our electronic locks installed in your setups, you can feel your business upgrading. We not only care for your security, but also for your social standardization. If you are planning to install electronic locks in your commercial or industrial setup for the very first time, you must be confused about “What and how to choose”. With a lot of electronic locks available in the market, it further becomes difficult. But here we are, always at your service. You can contact our qualified and professional locksmiths in Brisbane. They will guide you about the measures and consequences of each accessible option. You can communicate about your doubts and they will make sure to provide you with satisfying answers.

Electronic Locks
Key duplication


So, you want a master key system for your commercial setup. Or you just heard someone talking about it and you think it is a better option. Whatever the reason behind this thought, we can materialize it. If you want some selected keys to open some predefined doors and locks, we are offering our reliable services. Whether you are a small business or run a large-scale business, we are always available with our services. Our technicians can successfully survey and implement the master key system at your business’s den. We assure you of the protection of your assets.

Providing services you can rely on Along with these services, we also offer new lock installations for your commercial setup. We offer lock upgrades if you want to maintain and repair your security setup. If you are locked in your office, we can get you out of this commercial lockout. You can count on our services, confidently.


There is a reason behind every choice that humans make. So there must be some reasons for choosing us among all the other locksmith service providers. Before you think to figure out these reasons, we will tell you. Some rudimentary features make us stand out among our competitors,

● Satisfactory Customer Service

Providing satisfactory customer service is very important. Especially, when it comes to commercial setups, we satisfy our customers by providing them with customized offers that they need. Protection with assurance, We assure them that we understand their requirements quite well. This reassurance is what makes our customers satisfied.

Professional Locksmith
Expert Locksmiths

●        Experienced Technicians

The second most important feature of our services that attracts our customers is our professional approach towards our services. We provide them with the best and most experienced technicians. We provide them with all the specialization that they are looking for. Where security meets experience, When it comes to commercial and industrial setups, we assure you that our team is qualified and experienced enough to deal with such large-scale setups. And we never disappoint our customers with our services.

●        Positive Reviews

People usually rely a lot on reviews when they are taking such an important decision about their business. A commitment of trust, As far as our reviews are concerned, you will find a lot of positive and reassuring reviews about our services. This is because; we never leave our customers unsatisfied. We always build an atmosphere of credibility by providing reliable services.


Whether you want to avail of any of the above services or you are locked at your home because the locks are jammed or they are no more functional, we are available at your service round the clock.


You can contact us at any time and our mobile time will be happy to serve you.


Businesses, large houses, and other organizations are popular clients for a commercial locksmith. An automotive locksmith is trained to replace car keys and provide other services for vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, campers, trailers, and more.

Some commercial and residential locks are pick-resistant. However, most of the locks can be picked.