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With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Stronghold Locksmiths has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted security advisors and lock specialists in Australia. We’ve brought our expertise to the Bridgeman Downs region, providing all the services you would expect from the finest Bridgeman Downs locksmith on the market.

Our customers continue to choose Stronghold Locksmiths for three main reasons: Our extensive experience in the security industry, our 24-hour emergency service, and the great value we provide with no hidden costs.

There are many types of locks and security breach issues that our customers may have to contend with. In our decade of experience in this industry, we have dealt with all types of problems – from padlocks, to deadbolts, to rim latch locks, and every kind of lost key scenario. If you’re locked out of your property for whatever reason, we can sort you out.

Our 24/7 services are a true lifesaver for whenever you are locked outside your home or business. Our staff are on call to help you safely enter your home, or provide you with the key to do so. Moreover, our services are always reasonably priced. The price agreed upon will be the final price; there are no extra or hidden charges to worry about.

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Our Most Common Callouts

Lock changes, re-keys, lost keys, and broken key extractions are among our most commonly provided services for customers all around Bridgeman Downs. Changing or re-keying your locks can improve the security of your home. Although many people overlook the possibility of re-keying, the process can deliver similar results as replacing a lock, but for a fraction of the price. We can also change your locks entirely, of course, so that no one can use your lost key to open your door.

Broken key extractions are another frequently requested service, and are almost always unexpected. The need for this service may arise if you use too much power to twist the key, and the key was in an odd position or had deteriorated until it was ready to break. The result is that a part of your key gets stuck in the lock, leaving the key broken and your lock unusable. In such cases, we can help extract the broken key from the lock and also provide you with a new one.

Our offer also has a warranty. We honor the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the locks; this is typically a 60-day service warranty that includes installation and materials. If you hire us and we are not able to provide the service for you for any reason, no fee will be charged.

Strongholds Locksmiths is the natural choice for locksmiths in Bridgeman Downs. We’ve helped over 1,250 people make their homes more secure. We pride ourselves in completing every job professionally and in a timely manner.

At Stronghold Locksmiths, we provide the top-quality locksmith services that you deserve. There will come a time when you need to re-key, create a new key, or extract a broken key from your lock. When that time comes, we want you to think of Stronghold Locksmiths. We’ve got you covered.

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