5 Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables

Hide Your Valuables


Many people keep their valuables hidden in their homes. While many feel as though their valuables are safe because of this, many people actually do not cleverly conceal their valuables. Some locations are known to burglars despite being hidden out of sight because people frequently conceal valuables there.

As a result, whenever you decide to hide something in your home, avoid using all the obvious spots a burglar will look first and make sure it is securely hidden somewhere unexpected.

Our Locksmith In Red Hill have compiled the top worst places to hide your valuables in this blog to keep them as safe as possible in case of an invasion.




Since you can conceal items in drawers beneath clothing, bedding, etc., many people believe they are a secure place to hide anything. But consider this: if you lose something, the first thing you’ll likely do is open any frequently used drawers to see if you can find it there or if you dropped it by accident.

The same reasoning applies to a burglar since it is the simplest location to check for valuables. Burglars will undoubtedly check there first, whether it is an underwear or sock drawer, a desk drawer, or a bedside drawer!

Fridge or Freezer

In the refrigerator or freezer, people frequently conceal valuables. Since this strategy has been used frequently in movies, there is actually a higher likelihood that a burglar will search through your frozen food.

Intruders frequently search the refrigerator for prescription drugs that they can later sell. But burglars are more knowledgeable about these techniques than you might realise. It has been reported that people wrap their valuables in foil or store them in food packaging inside the refrigerator.

Kids Bedroom

In the past, hiding your valuables in a child’s bedroom would have been a brilliant idea, but nowadays, burglars frequently target children’s bedrooms. These days, kids have access to various expensive devices, such as TVs, tablets, game consoles, and more, which may tempt thieves to break into their rooms. It is expected that they will explore further to look for hidden valuables once inside. Avoid using the bedroom as a hiding place for your valuables and your children’s belongings.

Under the Mattress or Bed


Under the mattress


The mattressis a very obvious place to hide anything just from watching Under the Mattress or Bed Movies. Your mattress or bed will likely be one of the first places a burglar looks. Some people hide a box containing valuables under the bed because it is out of sight, while others hide cash under the mattress because it is also hidden and won’t be noticeable if there is a bump. These two locations, though, are among the worst for hiding it.

It tops the list of the worst hiding places because it’s not only an obvious place for thieves to look but also simple to get to!

Toilet Tank

Toilet tanks used to be a great place to stash things in the past. However, due to its frequent use in numerous films and TV shows, it has turned into a very known location for thieves. The lid can be removed in a matter of seconds, making it a quick and simple location that makes it another hiding place to completely avoid.

Where Should You Hide Your Valuables at Home?

Following our list of the worst places to keep valuables in your house, here are some suggestions for the best places to keep them:

A Safe

Your best bet for protecting your valuables is a safe. The only recommendation we can give when buying a safe is to make sure it cannot be removed. A thief might consider taking the entire safe with them so they can open it at their leisure later. Read our buying a safe article here.

Inside the Hoover

Hoovers are typically not the easiest to open, and burglars are frequently in a hurry. Even though it’s a strange idea, a burglar wouldn’t come up with it. Just make sure you’re not using one!

From a Clock

If you have several clocks, having one that opens up allows you to store valuables inside of it works very well. A burglar wouldn’t have time to open every clock in your home to see if there are any valuables or cash stored inside.

False Bottomed Drawer

False bottomed drawers are more secure and ensure that your items have some additional security even if a burglar does search through your draws.

Within your Loft

Because it’s difficult to get to a loft, it’s actually a good place to hide things. A loft is a good place to hide your valuables because burglars won’t want to waste time getting in and out in order to avoid being discovered. Learn how to secure a loft by reading this blog post.

In conclusion, it can be frustrating to hide your valuables because burglars are cruel but cunning. The majority of secret hiding places have been made public in movies and television programmes, making them predictable targets for burglars. To ensure that everything is safe and secure, read our advice on the worst places to hide your valuables.

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