Access Control Types: How to Choose


  You must be aware of the various types when picking a new access control system. While all four of the options we’ll discuss are excellent, the one that’s best for you may be different from the one that’s best for someone else. Each has a unique purpose. Our Locksmith Brighton examines four popular types

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi smart locks – Contrasting advantages

Bluetooth smart lock

  Access control technology is more advanced than ever, giving property managers, business owners, and homeowners unprecedented levels of flexibility, security, and control. In order to enable the possibility of remote control and monitoring of one’s access control system, some of the most popular smart lock-based access control systems available today use either Wi-Fi or

How secure is your closet? The 5 Best Locked Closet Solutions

Closet It's nice to have extra security in your house. It can be helpful to have interior door locks when you need privacy. There are times, however, when you lose your key or your lock jams, making it impossible for you to get in. Having trouble accessing your closet can be even more frustrating. Are you ...

What are Key Decoders and How Do They Work?

Key Decoder

  There are thousands upon thousands of possible key combinations. It is the fact that no two keys are exactly alike that makes locks work. You must make randomized lock combinations in order to ensure that the key is unique. The cut of each key is identified by a specific code. A number is assigned

What Is A Pet-friendly Alarm System?

Pet-friendly Alarm System It's a common misconception that having pets and home security systems in the same residence is impossible. We constantly worry that our animal friends will unintentionally set off a false alarm. A pet-friendly alarm system is one that is capable of differentiating between your movements and those of your pets to avoid erroneous alarms. This ...

Best Practices to Keep in Mind After a Burglary

Burglary Having your home or office burglarized is a terrifying experience because of the danger that can be brought to you and your essential belongings due to such an act. There is a good chance that thefts, burglaries, and other similar crimes can happen all the time, which is why you should be sure that everything ...

An overview of Physical Security audits

You should install a robust security system in your establishment to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and establishment. However, many companies ignore their security systems after implementation, allowing problems to fester without being addressed. To ensure the safety of your business, you must conduct physical security audits.  You should know the following facts ...

What Are The Steps In The Process Of Making A Car Key?

Car Key Making

  When your key is lost, you may face this troubling situation. To be prepared for the worst, you must have a backup plan. Every day, thousands of people lose their Car keys across the country. What are your options when you lose your key and do not have a spare? It will be necessary

What Artificial Intelligence Can Do For The Surveillance


Artificial intelligence seems to be incorporated into everything we do nowadays as part of technological innovation. Consumers and governments can benefit from adding artificial intelligence to surveillance systems. Locksmith Grange explains that surveillance systems may become more potent with AI in the following ways: Video analysis and understanding are made possible by artificial intelligence The system