Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi smart locks – Contrasting advantages

Bluetooth smart lock


Access control technology is more advanced than ever, giving property managers, business owners, and homeowners unprecedented levels of flexibility, security, and control.

In order to enable the possibility of remote control and monitoring of one’s access control system, some of the most popular smart lock-based access control systems available today use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-based technology. The access control installation specialists from Stronghold Locksmiths Brisbane will discuss the differences between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based smart lock systems in this blog post.


  • When your smartphone or Bluetooth key fob is detected a specific distance from the door, Bluetooth smart locks may unlock doors automatically over hands-free options. By doing this, you won’t ever need to look for your keys when all you want to do is get inside your house or place of business.
  • Battery power for Bluetooth smart locks eliminates the possibility of a broken lock during power outages.
  • Bluetooth smart locks provide additional security because they only permit entry when the “key” is on your person and you are present. However, for maximum convenience, some Bluetooth smart locks also let you send other people digital keys using your phone from a distance.


Your doors cannot be unlocked remotely with a remote control. The Bluetooth lock will only function when it is close to a device that has been programmed, so you will need to send someone a digital key so they can enter your home. This person will also need a smartphone.

Your battery will discharge more quickly if Bluetooth is constantly running on your phone. It will be challenging for you to enter your home if your phone runs out of battery before you have time to charge it.



As long as your phone has an active Wi-Fi connection, you can unlock your door from anywhere in the world.

Real-time notifications are provided by Wi-Fi smart locks whenever your lock activates or unlocks. This is a great way to track your property’s activity, such as when your children arrive home from school.

You can send digital keys that you can precisely define for time-based access to other people using Wi-Fi smart locks. This entails that you can program keys to function only at specific times, which is incredibly convenient for letting employees, deliveries, visitors, or housekeepers in only at certain times.


If you don’t get a Wi-Fi smart lock that is battery-powered or has a physical key as a backup, the lock won’t function if your Wi-Fi goes out or if there is a power outage.

Sharing digital keys with unknown parties carries some security risks, and misplacing your smartphone could also pose some security issues. Fortunately, you can ensure your home is still secure by logging in to applications from a distance using a password-protected account on another smart device.

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