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Lock Lubrication


Your door lock may occasionally “stick,” leaving you “stuck” outside or even inside! Locks’ mechanisms may become “sticky” as a result of drying out over time. Under specific environmental circumstances, this might even be a bigger issue. Your home’s lock placement can also influence how much maintenance it might require. 

For instance, if a door lock is constantly exposed to a damp wind, “muddy” dirt may be drawn to the lock, causing it to become “gummy” and stick. Or persistently dry conditions can cause a lock to “dry out,” making it more difficult to operate.

With repeated use, locks can also become “dirty” and “grimy,” which over time can cause the lock to gum up or stop working altogether.

The most serious issue that can arise from a broken lock is that you won’t be able to open or close the lock, preventing your home from being safe and secure. Or being unable to enter a room inside because a door lock “sticks” and stops working.

Therefore, the lock may only need to be lubricated if the locking mechanism becomes “dirty” or “dry”. In this way, many door lock and lockset issues can be fixed with a little care and upkeep before they get so bad that the lock stops functioning altogether. If you still cannot fix these issues, call our Locksmith Albion today!

The dry lubricant is known as “Graphite Powder” has long been the locksmiths’ preferred choice. 

The use of a dry lubricant has numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Dry lubricants won’t cause the lock to dry out.
  • Dry lubricants prolong the life of locks by preventing lock freezing.
  • Dry lubricants are more efficient at higher temperatures.

There are also some disadvantages:

  • In extremely humid environments, dry lubricants are not the best kind of lubricant to use.
  • If too much dry lubricant is used, it can lead to buildup in a lock.

These days, silicon- or teflon-based spray lubricants are frequently preferred by locksmiths. Spray lubricants have several benefits, such as:

  • Since spray lubricants are not based on oil, they won’t dry out after use.
  • Graphite is a messy lubricant, but spray lubricants are clean lubricants.e
  • Spray lubricants have excellent maintenance characteristics and are simple to use.

Spray lubricants have drawbacks that can include:

  • Graphite lasts longer than spray lubricants, which are a lighter lubricant.
  • They can become “mud-like” if used with dry lubricants!
Lubricate Your Locks

Additionally, it’s not a good idea to use oil-based lubricants or DW40 in locks because, despite initially working well, they will congeal after a short while and gum up the lock.

A door that doesn’t fit properly can occasionally cause the lock to malfunction. Calling a locksmith for guidance is typically the best course of action for serious lock and door issues. Before you end up on the wrong side of the door, a locksmith can carefully and competently assess the situation and either repair or replace the lock.

Stronghold Locksmiths are more than happy to take a look at your ‘sticking lock’ and to also service your locks before they become a problem. Always available, servicing Albion & surrounding areas. Give the guys a call on 1300205512.

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