How secure is your closet? The 5 Best Locked Closet Solutions


It’s nice to have extra security in your house. It can be helpful to have interior door locks when you need privacy. There are times, however, when you lose your key or your lock jams, making it impossible for you to get in.

Having trouble accessing your closet can be even more frustrating. Are you expected to wear the same clothes for days while you figure this out? Your closet might need to be accessed right away if there is a dress code for an upcoming event. How should you handle that?

You can open a locked closet door even if you don’t have a key. Since closet door locks aren’t nearly as complex as exterior door locks, it’s likely that yours is relatively simple and easy to open.

It is possible to open a locked closet door by trying a few things. No matter how simple or complex it is, there’s one for you. After all, you might be able to attend that fancy event.

You can open a locked closet door using the following steps that are given by the Locksmith Brisbane North

1. Privacy Lock

You should first check if your closet door uses a privacy lock. If it does, they are designed to be easy to open from the outside. If you know how to open a privacy lock, you can easily open a locked closet door.

When there is no keyhole, but just a slit or a dot, you are using a privacy lock. There are two ways to open them.

Like the reset button on a toy you may have had as a child, the privacy lock looks like a dot. If you want to fill this hole, you’ll need something small and sturdy. A tiny screwdriver, long coat hanger, or paper clip will work.

There must also be something small inside slit-shaped privacy locks, but they may need to be turned like keys. Anything that fits inside it can be turned. Instead of using a tiny screwdriver, you might be able to use a narrow knife.

The fact that something fits in the slit does not mean it can press the button and unlock the door, since some slit-shaped locks have their buttons in dot-shaped holes. Try out the thinnest, smallest object you can find.

You should be able to access the closet as soon as you press the button. Generally, these locks are easy to use and fairly simple to install.

It is still possible to learn how to open a locked closet door without a privacy lock, or if it isn’t working. They are, however, less practical and easier to implement.

2. Credit Card

When you use the credit card method, your credit card will be destroyed. Choose a card that is no longer in use when trying this method of how to open a locked closet door.

There is no need for a credit card. You can use any sturdy plastic card, such as an old membership card, gift card, or transit smart card. As long as it is a laminated plastic card, it will work.

You should also not use a deadbolt on your closet door. For this to work, your bolt must have a slanted side. Without that side, the card cannot be caught. It is impossible to learn how to open a closet door if you do that.

You should force the card onto the slanted side of the bolt. In this way, the latch bolt will slide across the card and unlock the door. Try turning the knob while you do this. Another option is to repeatedly slam your card against the lock until it catches. The door to a locked closet can be opened using a card.

3. Hinge/Doorknob Removal

It may be necessary to remove parts of the door in order to access your closet. If you want to open a locked closet door by removing things, you need to know your lock.

The screws holding the handle in place might be visible. With a screwdriver, unscrew the doorknob. It should be possible to remove the bolt from there and open the door. I’m sure you can screw it back in without too much difficulty.

If the screws aren’t visible, you’ll probably need to lift the doorknob. A screwdriver can be wedged between the plate and the door and pushed up. By angling the screwdriver, you can unscrew the doorknob.

Since doorknobs cannot be unscrewed, hinges should be used. With your screwdriver, remove the pin from the hinges. The screwdriver’s back may need to be hammered in order to accomplish this. It’s a tricky process that may damage your hinges, but it’s worth a try.

These techniques do not work on closet doors because they are typically less secure. If you have a good lock and still cannot access your closet after trying everything above, then you should employ some advanced techniques.

Locked Closet

4. Lock Picking

If your lock is more secure or complex, you may have to learn how to pick it.

Pin-tumbler locks account for the majority of locks. All of them can be opened using the same picking technique. If your lock is a wafer lock, this method should still work. Instead of a low-security interior lock, a warded lock may be used. Different methods are used to pick these. A warded lock’s key typically looks like an old-fashioned “skeleton key” rather than a regular key.

In order to pick a pin tumbler or wafer lock, you will need a tension wrench and a pick. If you are already a lock-picking hobbyist, you can use your pick set, but if not, you will have to improvise.

It’s important to find two things that fit into the keyway. Two paper clips or bobby pins should do the trick.

By bending a paperclip or bobby pin at a right angle, you can make a tension wrench. Make a 45-degree bend in the pick’s end.

When using your tension wrench, apply some turning pressure as you would a key. Using your pick, you can feel movable pins or wafers inside and on top of the lock. Taking each pin one at a time, lift the lock until it can be turned.

Additionally, you can rake, which is less effective but saves you time. Scrub the inside of the lock with a toothbrush rather than lifting each pin. Lower-security locks should eventually be unlocked by this method. Using one of these complex locks, you can unlock a locked closet door.

A skeleton key is required to open a warded lock. Take a look at skeleton keys online and try them all out. A skeleton key can also be created by filing down the biting of a regular key. Unless you have the time to do so, you should only consider these options.

Finding out how to open a locked closet door the hard way is time-consuming and difficult.

5. Contact a locksmith

If none of the methods above work, you should call a locksmith.

The only way to get into your closet without destroying anything is to hire a professional to do it for you. Occasionally, learning how to open a locked closet door won’t help.


Despite the fact that destroying your door or lock is still an option if you only have a few minutes, locksmiths can solve your closet lockout on the same day. In general, that makes them a better choice. Their skills will allow them to open any locked closet door.

In addition to knowing more about locks than you do, a professional can pick your closet lock. Those tools and skills are no longer needed.


Unlocking closet doors is relatively simple. If you’re in a bind and need to open a locked closet door quickly, you can learn how to do it.

It is precisely for situations like these that privacy locks are designed. They aren’t intended to prevent people from entering, but rather to signal that you don’t want anyone to enter.

Perhaps you should consider replacing your closet doors after learning this! As well as preventing lockouts in the future.

An old card can be used to remove a bolt with a slope cut into it and unlock a door. You must, however, be willing to sacrifice that card. You can’t make it look or function good once you’re done with it.

Locks can also be picked. It is always possible to pick a lock, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. A doorknob or door can be damaged or removed in the worst-case scenario. One way or another, you can get in.

Locking yourself out of your closet is very easy. The door to your closet will be unlocked no matter what type of bind you are in.

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