What Kind of Tools Do Locksmiths Use?

Tools and lock



Locksmiths are skilled professionals who work with locks, keys, and security systems. They are experts in opening and repairing locks, as well as installing and maintaining various security systems. Professional Expert locksmith Chermside uses a range of specialized tools to perform their work, each designed for a specific task. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of tools that locksmiths use.


Locksmiths Lock Pick Tools

Lock picks are perhaps the most well-known tools that locksmiths use. Lock picks are small, slender tools that are designed to manipulate the internal components of a lock. They are used to open locks without using a key. Lock picks for locksmiths come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used to manipulate different types of locks. Some of the most common types of lock pick include hook picks, rake picks, and tension wrenches.


Key Cutters Tools for Locksmiths 

Key cutters are tools that locksmiths use to create new keys or duplicate existing ones. Key cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be manual or electronic. Manual key cutters are typically used for creating duplicate keys, while electronic key cutters are used for more complex key-cutting tasks, such as creating keys for high-security locks.


Specialized Plug Spinners Tools

Plug spinners are specialized tools that locksmiths use to manipulate the internal components of a lock. They are designed to rotate the lock’s core in the opposite direction from what a key would normally do. This allows locksmiths to open locks without damaging them, which can be useful when working with delicate or expensive locks.


Electronic Lock Decoders for Locksmiths 

Professional Lock decoders are electronic tools that locksmiths use to read the internal components of a lock. They are used to determine the correct combination of pins in a lock and to create a new key based on that information. Lock decoders are particularly useful for opening high-security locks, as they allow locksmiths to create a new key without having to pick the lock.


Electric Drill Machines

Drill machines are used by locksmiths to drill through locks or other security devices that cannot be picked or manipulated. These tools are particularly useful when dealing with high-security locks or safes that cannot be opened through conventional means. Drill machines are typically high-powered and come with a variety of attachments that allow locksmiths to drill through different types of materials.


Safe Tools For Safety 

Safes are designed to be secure, but they can be opened with the right tools and expertise. Locksmiths use a range of specialized safe tools, including safe locks, safe combination locks, and safe opening tools, to open safes and vaults. These tools are typically designed to work with specific types of safes and require a high level of expertise to use effectively.


Software Programs For Enhanced Security Systems

Locksmiths also use software programs to help them design and install security systems. These programs can be used to create 3D models of buildings, simulate security scenarios, and design access control systems. Software programs can also be used to create master key systems, which allow different keys to different open locks while still maintaining a high level of security.



In conclusion, locksmiths use a variety of specialized tools to perform their work. From lock picks to drill machines, each special tool is designed to perform a specific task, allowing locksmiths to open, repair, and maintain a wide range of locks and security systems. With the right tools and expertise, Stronghold Locksmiths can provide invaluable services that help to keep our homes, businesses, and communities safe and secure.

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