3 reasons why you should have a 24-hour locksmith on speed dial

We all have emergency contacts on our speed dial for situations we may never expect. This can be a fire brigade contact, a close friend, roadside recovering company and the list goes on and on. A locksmith may not be a very exciting contact to have on your speed dial but you never know when the need comes and you need to contact the professional services of Stronghold locksmith Brisbane

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Installing a surveillance system

This one might come as a shocker to you but locksmiths, along with dealing in locks and keys, can also provide surveillance system services. A home security system is a type of video surveillance that helps monitor the activity inside the house. Having a home security system installed at your place will give you ultimate peace of mind. You will know that the possessions and valuables are not at risk of being stolen. Not only do these systems help keep a check on the visitors but also the thermostat, light switches and fire alarms. According to a very popular research (Rutgers’ study), if you reside in an area where most people have home security systems installed, chances are the crime rate in your area will be significantly lower. Visible signs of surveillance like cameras on the front door, security system stickers etc will also keep the burglars from trespassing the boundaries of your home.  If you feel that the time for video surveillance has come then dial up your locksmith and ask him to install a home security system!

When you can’t seem to find your keys

Keys are usually the last item to keep when leaving the house. It happens to us many times; our child, relative or friend accidently or purposefully locks the door and we can’t get in. This can be annoying and in some instances; dangerous. Or you may have just moved into a house and found a closet that is locked. You need to get in the space and have access to the closet; what can you do? That is when a locksmith comes to rescue. Having a locksmith on speed dial will prevent you from breaking in through the doors or the windows. Or while getting out of your car in the parking lot of your destination, you realize that you have left your car keys inside the car. In this moment of tension, having a 24 hour locksmith on speed dial will save you from the hassle of going back home to search for spare car keys.

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Breaking keys inside the lock

Yes, this happens a lot. Keys get stuck in the lock and they break, leaving you locked outside. The frustration this situation can bring may make you break the door apart. You may have inserted a duplicate key inside the lock and found out that the material isn’t as strong as the original key which made it snap. Or the key may have become worn and tattered after years of use which made the metal weak. Whatever the reason is, having a locksmith who can fix the situation and make the lock functional again can be your lifesaver. He can also check if the problem is with the lock, and not the key, and recommend replacement options. 

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