7 solutions to when you are locked out of your apartment

Oh no. Forgot where you kept your keys? Can’t seem to get inside your apartment? A lockout can be a problematic situation, especially if you’ve unattended kids or pets inside the home. We at Stronghold Locksmith Brisbane suggest a few ways you can try to make your way inside the apartment.

Fixing a door lock

Ask your landlord, friends, or family members

Your landlord can be your savior as he may have an extra pair of keys to help you get inside your apartment. Try to recall if you had given spare keys to your friends or family members and contact them. In case you live in an apartment complex, reach out to the manager’s office and ask to get access to your unit.

Check for any other access points.

Check for any other other ways through which you can make your way inside the house. Although unlocked or open windows are an open invitation for burglars to enter your house, in this case they can be your savior.

Try some DIY hacks

Check if you’ve bobby pins or paper clips in hand. If they’re available, you may want to make an attempt to unlock the door using them, but with modern-day technology, it gets difficult to unlock with bobby pins and paper clips.

Try the famous credit card trick

Test the infamous credit card tip to see whether it actually works or not. Insert the credit card, or any other hard plastic card, inside the lock. Simultaneously, jiggle and move the door handle forcefully.

Unscrew the doorknob

As long as the deadbolt isn’t locked, getting inside the apartment by unscrewing the door knob will work. Most door knobs can be disassembled using a screwdriver only. You might need your neighbors assistance in this case, or not if you carry a screwdriver with you. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the nuts holding the knob in place and then remove the hinge screws. 

However, once this trick opens your apartment, make sure you put the knob in place again to avoid any uninvited visitors.

Reach out for a locksmith

This is one of the last options you should consider if all of the above fail. Calling a locksmith may cost you a good amount of money, but atleast you’ll get inside your home. This is a surefire way to get back into your home.

Breaking in

This is also one of the last options to try if nothing else works. Consider breaking in if there is an emergency or if you’ve unattended kids inside the apartment. Breaking in through the door is better than breaking in through your apartment window. A hard kick near the door lock will be sufficient to break the door open.

Ending thoughts

In order to avoid going hrough these situations again in the future, considering replacing traditional locks with keypad locks. Instead of using a key, keypad locks require you to enter a code (usually 4 digit) to unlock the door.  Additionally, you can also get duplicate keys made and distribute them to trusted friends and family. 

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