9 Immediate Steps to Take in case of a Break-in

Break-in Precautions

Take note of these steps, just in case.

Break-ins are not always as entertaining as they are portrayed in movies. The experience is frightful and stressful when it occurs in real life. Additionally, the circumstance may endanger life. Fortunately, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed the lowest nationwide burglary and break-in rate in nine years. Just in New South Wales, there has been a 4% decline since 2017.

Despite the declining numbers, Australians must not lose their sense of urgency. What are the chances that you will be home if someone breaks in? When you were enjoying your favourite show, imagine getting a knock at the door. The offender opens the door and enters after you didn’t respond. How will you proceed? Here are 9 actions suggest by our Locksmith Albion that you must take right away:

1.  Stay alert but never panic!

It’s nearly impossible to maintain your calm, and you shouldn’t! Keep your wits about you, though. Don’t worry; staying calm will help you complete these tasks and survive the break-in. Who knows? Your ability to think clearly could be the difference between injury or, worse yet, death.

It’s crucial to have one person in charge if you live with children or the elderly. The lives of everyone may be in your hands. Being vigilant is essential for making decisions that could save lives!

2.  Bring your phone, car keys, and any form of weapon.

Take your phone and your car keys; you’ll need both later. The top priority right now is to keep them forever. Any object that is sufficiently hard or threatening will do as a weapon. Consider Rapunzel from the Disney film Tangled, who is seen carrying a frying pan. Recall that burglars are armed. It’s best to be prepared with a weapon of some sort.

3.  Don’t make noises – not until you’re safe.

Most children who are asked say they will scream if there is danger. Screaming attracts attention and lessens the threat. Unfortunately, yelling during break-ins can cause more harm than good. Why? Yes, precisely because screaming attracts attention and danger to you.

Intruders relax their security because they believe the area is empty. Be silent. Mute your phone’s ringtones, alarms, notifications, and other sounds. It’s preferable if you avoid running into the person!

House Break-in

4.  Leave the premises, if you can.

The act of leaving the premises is not shameful. The best course of action is to flee. You must leave the house, even if there is a chance that you might get hurt. What’s a minor bump on the arm compared to staying somewhere where a stranger who might be dangerous is present?

To leave, use the back door. Use a different exit if the intruder is anywhere near that door. perhaps the windows Make every effort to depart silently. Once more, don’t forget to pack the necessities, including your phone and car keys.

5.  Hide and lock yourself in.

If escaping is not an option, conceal yourself in a quiet place. A good option is to use closets or rooms that lock from the inside. Avoid areas where thieves tend to look first. Use other pieces of furniture, like tables or boxes, to blockade the door. Keep your mouth shut and your doors locked while inside.

6.  Alert the authorities, your next-door neighbours, and your family.

You can now call for assistance using your phone after running away or hiding. First, notify the authorities. Call 131-444 or Triple Zero (000). Save these emergency numbers if you’re reading this now out of an abundance of caution. One day, they might just save your life or the life of someone else. Clearly state where you are inside as well as your home address. Mention any notable sites. Better describe the intruder to the operator if you caught a glimpse of him or her.

Contact your family after you’ve called the police. If they haven’t yet returned home, inform them of the break-in. Inform them to make a help request as well. Ask your neighbours to be cautious and to lock their windows and doors. Stop a break-in from happening to them. Keep in mind that if you’re hiding, do everything quietly.

7.  Use the weapon only when necessary.

Do you still have the weapon you grabbed earlier? ONLY use such a weapon in a life-or-death situation. When burglars see armed homeowners, they react more violently in the tense environment. The face, neck, and eyes are people’s weak spots, so if it comes to that, attack them there.

Don’t use the weapon if your life is not in danger. Its improper use puts you and others at risk of harm.

8.  Press the panic button on your car keys.

No matter where you choose to hide, inside your house or somewhere nearby, you have another weapon in your possession that won’t reveal where you are. Yes, that’s right—the it’s car key you snatched earlier. The majority of car keys include a panic button.

Press the panic button if your hiding place is about to be found or if you feel trouble approaching. An intrusive person should be able to hide or flee thanks to the sound’s loud and alarming volume. This is a distress call that warns the nearby residents. The disturbing sound will prompt them to call the police, without a doubt. This is a smart move to notify the authorities if you are unable to call them yourself.


9.  Nothing else to do but wait.

Break-ins can last for a few minutes or several hours. The final option is to wait it out after taking the preceding actions. Yes, someone is stealing your treasured items, valuables, and savings. But is taking a chance worth it? Your life and safety are the most important things.

Keep waiting until the police say it’s safe to return home. Wait until a trusted person comes to get you before emerging from your hiding place. Waiting does not imply helplessness. You are assisting in limiting the harm caused by the break-in.

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We sincerely hope you never need to take the above actions. Stronghold Locksmiths can assist you in setting up a lock system that has been shown to deter break-ins. Without having to be concerned about a break-in, you can go to sleep peacefully at night or binge watch until the morning.
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