Advantages of Digital Safes

Digital Safes

As early as the 13th century BC, safes were used for storage. Merchants used them to store valuable items. But technological advancement has brought about massive changes in the home and commercial security system. To ensure the safety of valuable items such as important documents, family heirlooms, cash, and weapons, consumers are demanding an improved locking mechanism. For this reason, digital safes are recommended as an alternative to traditional safes.

In this article, Northside Locksmith explained some of the benefits of using a digital safe over an analog safe.

Increased Security

Digital safes provide superior security, which is their most valuable feature. The extra features were developed over many years of research. Some of these features include:

Digital SafesTime Delay Mode

There is a new feature on digital safes that delays the opening process. Burglars are less likely to grab the contents and get away quickly. By adding this feature, the safes are even more protected. Businesses with high cash transactions are the ones who benefit from this new feature in digital safes.

Lock-out Features

Digital safes also feature lockout features that physically lock the system in a safe mode if the incorrect combination is entered multiple times. Such a system is designed to cut off energy to prevent unauthorized access.

Multiple trial methods are used by some professional burglars to open analog safes. Due to the lockout feature, these manipulative techniques cannot be applied to digital safes. Therefore, digital safes are preferred for storing valuable items like jewellery, gold, and cash.

One-Time Use Codes

Every business invests in safes for security reasons. There are specific models that provide temporary or one-time access codes. Users receive the codes via text message. These features make it difficult for thieves to access digital safes.

Ease of Operation

It is a fact that digital safes are user-friendly, aside from the fact that they are secure and convenient. You can easily open a digital safe if your device is connected. There is no need for complicated codes or keys. Codes can also be changed easily unlike mechanical safe locks.

A Better Option for Guns

Children who have access to firearms are at greater risk of unintentional shootings or suicides. You should take extra care to store your gun safely as a parent.

You should not keep your firearms in a mechanical lock safe because the location of the keys can be traced by your children. Therefore, if you own firearms, you need to install digital safes.


There is no omission to mention the digital safe’s duress mode. Safes with this feature will be able to contact authorities if the owner is forced or under duress to open the safe.

Besides these features, digital safes differ from mechanical safes in many other ways. In any case, you can contact the experts at Stronghold Locksmiths if you need help unlocking or installing a digital safe. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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