How To Make Duplicate Key Without The Original

Duplicate Key

Have you lost your house keys accidentally? Do you think you won’t be able to duplicate key since you lost the originals? Don’t worry, cutting a key without the original is still possible!

Locksmiths Brisbane Northside still have a few options for making a new key when a key is lost despite not having the original. There are certain limitations, however, when it comes to replacing certain types of keys.

If you want to learn about how keys are made and how they can be copied without the original, feel free to continue reading.

Making Duplicate Keys Without The Original

The short answer is, a duplicate key can be created from scratch even without the original key. Locksmiths use code cutters to detect the depth of grooves in a lock’s key code. They use this information to make the right key. It is a complex process. You should therefore hire an experienced and professional locksmith.

It is possible to copy keys without an original. There are keys for garage doors, front and back doors, cars, safes, windows, and even suited keys. Some keys, however, are more difficult to duplicate.

Duplicate Key

Limitations on key duplication

There are specific legal restrictions associated with duplicating any key. Certain kinds of keys are restricted from being duplicated by these restrictions, which include conditions that must be met. Examples of these keys are:

  • If you are the registered owner, a locksmith can duplicate security keys without the original. You must provide proof of ownership.
  • License keys, which are coded, can only be replaced by the locksmiths who provided them to you in the first place.
  • You must acquire restricted keys from the locksmith who provided them to you. If this is not possible, you can obtain a copy from a local licensed locksmith, who will need a letter of authorization.
  • Patented keys are protected by law. Replacement or duplicate keys can only be obtained from the originating center manufacturer. As part of the licensing agreement, originating centers will be able to supply their own keys. The local locksmith can provide the keys if you do not know where to find the originating center or manufacturer.

Before ordering a blank key, locksmiths must receive written authorization from the registered owner. It is crucial to understand the duplication limitations of the keys listed above before hiring a locksmith.

Can I Get A Copy Of My Car Key?

Some manufacturers allow owners of vehicles that originally came with two keys to program a third one. A professional locksmith can duplicate this key easily. You only need a basic key. However, some car keys will require more than just a copy.

In most cars, electronic key fobs are used. Therefore, the key needs to be reprogrammed when it is replaced or copied. The owner’s manual will contain instructions for programming the key. There are a number of guides online that can assist you.

You can order a basic car key without a transmitter if you already have another key to operate the vehicle. With no transmitter, the door can only be opened, but the engine cannot be started.

How To Make A Duplicate Car Key Without The Original?

Even if you’ve lost your key and don’t have a backup, you can get a replacement from a professional locksmith. A locksmith only needs the VIN (Vehicle Information number) to replace the key.

VIN numbers appear on the title, insurance paperwork, and on several prominent places on the vehicle. Cracks can be found in the windshield on the driver’s side, the door on the driver’s side, or the “jamb” behind the driver’s door.

Locksmiths will require proof of ownership. You should be aware, however, that not every locksmith can duplicate or program the key after it has been made.

What Is The Average Cost Of Copying A Car Key?

A locksmith charges about $20 to $30 for a transponder key fob. To purchase the fob, the dealer will charge $75, and to purchase the key, it will cost $160. To duplicate a laser-cut key, it will cost around $250.

Buying a blank key at Wal-Mart, AutoZone, or Home Depot usually costs between $3 and $6. In addition, they sell transponder key fobs and remote key fobs between $15 and $90. The blanks can then be programmed with the help of the manual, online guides, or even by visiting Ace Hardware. The price of replacement car keys at Ace Hardware is $2.99. The fob will cost less than $100 if the car needs programming.

Do Department Stores Like Lowe’s Or Home Depot Make Copies Of Car Keys?

It might be tricky if they do not have the necessary technology. The problem with Lowe’s is that chip keys are commonly used, so finding a replacement is difficult.

It is true that many locksmiths cannot do so without the special equipment required. If you have the VIN, the year of manufacture, make, model, and type of the car with you, you can still check with them whether it is possible.

Home Depot provides copies of keys without transponder chips. These keys will not start engines but can open doors. At the Depo, you can purchase a transponder chip key if you have a copy of it.

Where Can I Get A Copy Of My Car Key?

If a replacement key does not need programming, locksmiths can produce it quickly. Dealerships can also provide key copies.

If you are unable to program the key yourself using the manual, you can ask a dealer or locksmith for help. Some dealerships may program the key for free. Other dealers may charge you for the service. Transponder keys can also be programmed by a locksmith using a programming machine in addition to basic and laser-cut keys.

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