How To Prevent A Broken Key From Happening

A Broken Key


There are moments when something unpredictable happens. When prevention is not possible, the best thing to do is find a solution. For instance, imagine arriving at your destination and being eager for nothing more than rest. But, suddenly you can’t turn the key in the lock and unlock it. When faced with a situation like this, where you don’t know what went wrong, it can be frustrating. You insert the key and try to unlock the door as you usually do. The key broke in two and a part of it remains lodged in the lock.

Losing your key and needing a temporary way to enter your home may be the least of the worries when you are dealing with this unfortunate circumstance.

a key is broken

Therefore, if you experience a broken key incident, it is best to contact an expert locksmith brisbane service. There are many videos showing one how to access their own key and open the door themselves. However, improperly operating the lock or using inappropriate tools can cause serious damage. If you need service, we at Stronghold Locksmiths will be happy to take your call 24/7. We can be at your location within only 20. Our technicians have the tools, training, and knowledge to fix any problem at a moment’s notice.

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To preclude these situations, there are a few things you can do.

We’ve put together a list of tips on how to avoid breaking your key:

When you use your keys, be gentle. Pushing the key too hard can lead to it being damaged. Lubricate external locks with an easy-to-find and common product such as WD-40. By doing this, you will find the key goes in easier and you won’t need to struggle.

Do not use your key to open other locks: Using your key to perform any action other than locking and unlocking the door will eventually wear down the keys, causing them to warp.

door locks

Never apply force to the key when trying to unlock it: If the key does not enter easily, remove it and inspect to see what is obstructing its path. You might be using the wrong key, or inserting it incorrectly. Using too much force when turning your key could result in the key slipping inside to where it cannot be accessed.

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Replace your key every few years: Because the key is made from a soft metal, it has shorter durability than what people may think. So, to maintain your keys and keep them in excellent condition, you should change the locks on them once or twice a year. If you find that the key is chipped, misaligned, or your hands start to ache from incorrect handling of the lock, replace them right away! By that, you make sure that the key won’t get stuck when you turn it.


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