How To Proactively Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

In Paddington, we are already seeing a lot of spring rains and thunderstorms. Soon, summer hurricane seasons will be upon us, and it’s important to prepare your home for the worst. Although many people don’t think they need to pay much attention to tropical weather until August or September, that is actually the worst time of the year to be caught by surprise. It’s always better to take precautions ahead of time instead of scrambling, and it’s actually very easy to do. Here are some things from Stronghold Locksmith Paddington to consider for the hurricane season.

1) Your Garage Doors:

garage door

During a hurricane, most garage doors will have at least eight feet of water in them if they are located in the lowest part of your house. They tend to act like flood gates, and it’s best to remove your car from the garage if possible or raise them somehow. It might be a hassle having to drive through higher waters, but at least you’ll still have your car. As for the inside of the garage, store important items inside plastic crates that float if necessary.

2) Windows:


Your windows are likely to break during a hurricane, so it’s important to board them up. Have plywood on hand for this task, or some solid boards you can hammer nails into. If your door is glass panes, consider boarding those up too. It’s also a good idea to keep some tools in your home, like crowbars and drills for easy removal.

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3) Your Roof:


Having a sturdy roof that doesn’t leak is more important than you might think. First, protect your roof with a tarp or other covering that can be removed later. Put some cinder blocks under the tarp to keep it off the shingles if possible. Your garage is also at risk for flooding, so make sure you remove any items of value from there as well before a hurricane comes around.

4) Your Basement:


If you have a basement, make sure it’s waterproof. Clean out the gutters so water flows properly off your roof. Make sure all your outlets are plugged with electrical tape or other sealants to prevent any seepage.

5) HVAC Units:

The last thing you want during a hurricane is your air conditioning to stop working. Keep the outdoor part of your HVAC unit clear of any debris that could damage it, and also get some sealant for where the water might enter through the vents.

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6) Outdoor Furniture:

If you live near the coast, keeping outdoor furniture indoors will prevent it from blowing away or floating down streets during the storm. Store them in your garage if possible, but anywhere they can stay dry is best. Also, consider tying down smaller objects with rope or bungee cords so that strong wind doesn’t carry them into power lines. Your fence could break without enough reinforcement too, so tying it together or weighting it with sandbags might be necessary depending on how big it is.


There are many things you can do to make your Paddington home more hurricane-proof with Stronghold Locksmith Brisbane. The important thing is that you start early, and prepare ahead of time instead of during or after the weather event has occurred. You’ll be glad you took the extra step when you’re sitting comfy in your home while everyone else scrambles around outside.

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