How To Secure A Door Without Using A Lock

Secure Door

There are several reasons why you might want to lock a door that isn’t locked. You may want to use your keys to lock any of your interior doors.

You may need to secure your front door because you have misplaced your keys in some cases. So, while you wait for a Locksmith Windsor service provider like Stronghold Locksmiths to come out and install a new lock on your door, you come up with creative ways to secure it without using the lock. Other options for locking your door without using the lock include:

Wedging the door

With a Wedge, Secure the Door

Despite its simplicity and rarity, this method is one of the most effective ways to lock a door without a lock. You can use one of two types of wedges to secure your door without using a lock:

  • Purchase a locksmith store’s DIY cardboard door wedge.
  • Purchase a wedge-shaped door stopper that is ready to use from a home improvement store.

If none of the wedge options listed above are available, consider making one out of cardboard. All you have to do is fold a piece of cardboard into a wedge shape.

All you have to do to keep your door shut and secure is slide the wedge underneath it.


  • Low cost and simple installation.
  • Alternatives to professional doorstops can produce the same results.


  • Cannot withstand pressure or force.
  • Only works on doors that open inward.
  • Wedge may be able to get out from under the door.

Toss with a fork

This may seem strange, but your fork can be used for more than just eating. It can be used to deter intruders from entering your home. Here are some ideas for using a fork to secure your door:

  • Bend the end of your fork to about 0.45 inches with a plier or hammer.
  • Remove the fork’s handle.
  • Open your door and place the fork head into the strike plate’s hole.
  • Close the door.
  • Slide the fork handle between the teeth or tines in the middle.

Instead of a rounded fork, use one with a flat handle for the best results.

Place a Chair Below Your Door Handle

Another simple but effective way to lock your door without using the lock is to use your key. There’s a good chance you’ve heard of this technique before. Putting a chair underneath your door from the inside is a powerful and effective way to secure your door with its lock, despite its simplicity.

How Does It Work?

Place the back of the chair firmly against the door handle. This will keep the handle from falling. As a result, the bolt is kept in place. Because you can adjust the back height of an office chair, it will be a more effective option.


Depending on the circumstances, barricades can be built or improvised. Security bars are constructed barricades that are placed in commercial buildings opposite the direction the door opens to prevent people from accessing a building’s section. Another type of barricade is an improvised one, in which you stack items like chairs on top of each other to create enough force to prevent movement. You must stack the items in the direction the door opens for improvised barricades.

A Lock is a Long-Lasting Solution

Using the lock on your door is the most effective way to keep it secure. Stronghold Locksmiths, for example, offers quick and affordable lock installation and key replacement services. Our locksmiths have the necessary skills and experience to meet your locksmith requirements.

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