How to get out if you got stuck in Apartment


How to get out if you got stuck in Apartment

Almost everyone has experienced locking out of their house once in their life. It seems to be one of the scariest feelings ever. Try not to lose the door key so you can’t get locked out of the apartment. But if you face this kind of situation then follow the given measures to get out of this problem.

What to do if you get locked out of your apartment?

Before all, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and figure out what to do at first. Check your surroundings and go to a safe place where you can quickly figure out the way to get inside the house.

Find a Neighbor or Roommate

If you have a roommate with which you share your apartment, then your problem is solved. You just have to call him out, and he will bring the keys for you. But if you live alone, you should look for a helpful neighbor who can let you into his house for some time, and you can quickly think of what to do next.

Extra Key

People always an extra key at a very secret place outside their house or apartments just for emergency. If you also have kept a key like that, then remember where you kept it and search for it. If you don’t have an extra key or you forgot where you put it, then don’t worry and move toward the next step.

Contact to the Maintenance Department

If you get locked out of the apartment during business hours, i.e., during the daytime, then it is easy to get in. Just contact the maintenance department of your society and ask them for help. The maintenance departments always have spare keys for these kinds of emergencies. You should reach them for the spare keys. This will cost you up to $30 as per Terms and Conditions. This solution will not work if it is night time because the offices are closed at night.

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Check the closed Windows 

Carefully check the closed windows of your apartment if any of them is left open. If you find an open window, then you can easily sneak into your apartment and look for another set of keys. But if you couldn’t find any open window, then try breaking the glass. Breaking the window pane will help you in opening the window. This could be dangerous so do it very carefully.

Contact a Key Maker

The last option is that you should contact a Key Maker. He will genuinely help you open the lock or make a new key for your door lock. The locksmith guarantees to open the door’s lock, but the lock may damage, and you have to get a new one.


Once you get out of this problem, then prepare to prevent it from happening again. Hide an extra key outside the door. You can give an extra key to your apartment to your trustworthy friend or neighbor. Change the lock to a digital one and set an easy code for it.

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