What Is A Pet-friendly Alarm System?

Pet-friendly Alarm System

It’s a common misconception that having pets and home security systems in the same residence is impossible. We constantly worry that our animal friends will unintentionally set off a false alarm.

A pet-friendly alarm system is one that is capable of differentiating between your movements and those of your pets to avoid erroneous alarms. This is especially helpful if you have a big dog or several pets. How do pet-friendly alarms operate, though? Is that your best choice, though? And what should you know about pet-friendly alarm systems? Contact our Locksmith Paddington to get your pet-friendly alarm system now.

1. How Do Pet-friendly Alarms Work?

The type of motion sensor used is the only distinction between alarm systems for pets and people. Passive infrared motion sensors (PIRs), used in pet-friendly models, are created to ignore any motion or changes in body heat up to a certain weight. They typically work well with most house pets up to 35 kg. The sensors won’t turn on unless they notice more significant heat movements, like humans.

Some pet-friendly PIR sensors analyse your movement patterns in addition to your size to differentiate between you and your pets. Although these features significantly reduce false alarms, they are not a perfect remedy. You might run into problems if your pet enjoys jumping erratically around the house or at the windows. However, compared to standard PIRs, it does lessen the likelihood that the alarm will go off.

Alarm System

2. Do They Work With Larger Pets?

Some alarm systems may have selectable sensitivities that allow for larger breeds. The motion sensors can be set to ignore pets weighing 35 kg to 60 kg.
Your PIR sensors are more likely to ignore a potential threat the less sensitively you set them. For this reason, we advise enquiring about the sensors that will work best for your pet with a security firm like Rechenberg.

Consider other security tools like door or window sensors if PIR sensors don’t work with your pet. These gadgets function by using a magnet and a reed switch. The alarm won’t go off until they are no longer close to one another. These can be combined with glass break detectors, which keep an ear out for sounds of glass breaking, which signify forced entry into your home.

3. Benefits Of Investing In Pet-friendly Detectors?

For pet owners who want to increase their home’s security for themselves and their furry family members, pet-friendly alarm systems are a great investment. They are unquestionably worthwhile in order to lessen the chance of erroneous triggers by your pet and keep your house secure.


A professional should always install your security equipment. This has many benefits, including monitoring, convenience, and verification that it functions properly. But what do pets have to do with installing a security system correctly?

Pet-friendly Alarms

Even if your alarm has pet-friendly sensors, it can still be easily triggered by insignificant disturbances like curtains or animals entering a room if it is improperly installed. To manage your security requirements while balancing the sensitivity of your sensors, you occasionally need a skilled hand.

It can be challenging to place your detectors away from any potential interference from your pets. Installing alarms out of reach of curious paws is a specialty of our security specialists.



We suggest requesting a quote from Stronghold Locksmiths right away by sending an email to rhys@strongholdlocksmiths.com or giving them a call at 1300 205 512 if you’re thinking about keeping your home and pets secure. Our group of certified experts can suggest the ideal pet-friendly system for your house.

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