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Places to Install Security Cameras

Remember when purchasing a security system that the location of your security camera is crucial when deciding where to install it. This will enable you to utilise their full potential for your security requirements. Even if you have the best security camera system, placing them in random locations may result in blind spots and reduce the amount of footage you can capture. Knowing which areas are ideal for their function is best if you only have a small number of camera units. 

But how can you tell which areas require the most monitoring? And where should they be put? Here are some recommendations by our Locksmith Red hill on where to install security cameras in order to address these queries.

1. Side, back, and front doors

Of course, entering your property through the doors is the simplest method. Install exterior cameras above or close to any entrance doors to your home. Additionally, it will keep you informed of all incoming and outgoing visitors to your home. Security doesn’t just refer to keeping intruders out; it can also mean keeping your family safe inside your house, particularly teenagers and young children.

2. Lighting Conditions

Make sure the area you want to survey has enough light. Otherwise, the camera might not be able to capture any intruders’ identifying characteristics. This is crucial so you can easily identify anyone attempting to enter your property and avoid taking hasty action in case it’s just a family member or a friend. If the intruder can be quickly identified in your surveillance video, it may also be admissible as evidence in a burglary case. Ensure that the lighting is constant. A CCTV camera with night vision functionality can help you with your needs and raise the bar for your home security systems.

Security Cameras

3. Driveways

In addition to the chance that a burglar will enter through your garage, driveways are a good place for a burglar to look around your house. Most burglars will park or stand near your driveway because it is close enough to watch what is happening inside your home but far enough away for them to remain undetected. They will flee if a security camera is installed close to your driveway; it will also aid you in spotting irregular activity. Using your driveway camera, you can keep an eye on your kids as they play near the street.


4. Secret Entrances

Any intruder will have perfectly discrete access to your home through less obvious entry points like basement and off-street windows. Place your cameras there as well, even though these areas are typically locked and rarely visited. Make it a routine to inspect these locations for lock upkeep and to confirm that your cameras are always operational. Although a break-in through these areas makes a lot of sense, it is still shocking and catches homeowners off guard.


5. Close to Your Valuables

Installing a security camera close to your home safe or where your valuables are will ensure that you are kept informed of any theft or burglary suspects. Any of your family members could steal your money and jewellery because internal theft is fairly common. Additionally, having unreliable friends and guests may result in the loss of property. If this occurs, your security camera will be able to recognise it and let you know.

Install Security Cameras

We hope you’ll find these recommendations for where to put security cameras useful. Just keep in mind to position your cameras so they are out of harm’s way and difficult to destroy. Ensure the wires are in a conduit and bolt them firmly to your wall. Verify your wifi is consistently operational if you use a wireless security system. Last but not least, make sure your security cameras are pointed in a way that allows you to clearly see the faces and other identifying characteristics of anyone entering your home.

It’s best to call a specialist to further discuss what kinds of security systems you actually need in order to get the best products and additional information. Call Stronghold Locksmiths at 1300205512 to speak with a trustworthy locksmith in Redhill right away. We are available to help you with all your locksmith needs around-the-clock.

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