7 Quick Ways To Open A Lock Box Without A Key

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You’ll need to figure out how to open key lock box without code or code if you’re locked out of your cash box, key box, personal protection box, or another lockbox. Fortunately, one of seven methods should allow you to recover access to your home swiftly and easily.

DISCLAIMER: This information is only to be used in a legal capacity. If you are not the owner of the lockbox or have authorization from the owner to unlock it, do not attempt to open it. Continue reading only if you want to learn how to legally open a lockbox without a key or code.

1. Bypassing

A bypass is unique to a particular lock or device, but there are a few general guidelines you may use with any lockbox. If you want to open a lockbox without a key, you can bypass the mechanism by moving the actuator directly.

You can reach through the keyway to manipulate a lock’s actuator. Insert a tool into the back of the lock that is thinner and longer than your key. You might be able to reach the mechanism with which the cam/tailpiece interfaces and rotate it like a rotating tailpiece.

The factory reset bypass may be all it takes to open a lockbox without a code. Some combination lockboxes with normal reset codes function with this method. Look for your lock box’s documentation, such as the manual, and the reset code procedure.

2. Shimming

If your lockbox is secured with a padlock, it may be a phony security device. Most inexpensive padlocks may be shimmed open by putting two thin metal bits into the gap between the shackle and the lock body.

With a pair of scissors and aluminum can, a shim may be improvised. Make a simple arrow form. Place the point between the shackle and the lock’s body in the crevice. Press down on the shims so that they are inside the “U.”

A keyed padlock or combination padlock can be vulnerable to shimming, whether it’s how to open a lockbox without a key or how to open a key lockbox without a code. Even if you’re using one of the greatest padlocks for your lockbox, you can have a product that can’t be shimmed.

3. Picking

picking lockbox

You need to know how to open a lockbox without a key without learning everything there is to know about lock picking. As a result, we’ll concentrate on raking rather than single-pin plucking. You should be able to do this even if you have no prior expertise.

Purchasing lock picking tools will make this process much easier if time is not an issue. It’s a little more difficult to unlock a lockbox without a key using improvised tools. Your tools are more prone to fail if they are not appropriately formed. The locking procedure is as follows:


  • Bring your lock pick and tension wrench with you.
  • The tension wrench should be inserted into the keyway.
  • As if you were turning the key, apply tension.
  • Place your lock pick in the keyway’s back.
  • Maintain tension while moving the lock pick up, down, in, and out.
  • Rotate the tension wrench to unlock the lock once it has been correctly picked.

4. Decoding

decoding lockbox

The difference in movement between the proper and erroneous numbers should be visibly and tactilely discernible. If you can feel the proper combination but the padlock won’t open, the lock may be faulty, or the sequence may be accurate but not the combination.

There are various ways to decode locks, but this is the simplest and does not require any gear. Professionals could theoretically use decoding methods to figure out how to open a lock box without a key, but things like lock impressions are far too complicated for most people.

Locksmith Chermside

Bypassing, shimming, picking, and decoding are some of the methods for opening a lockbox without a key in a way that preserves the box. You’ll have to break the lock or the box if you don’t have the tools and specific knowledge required for non-destructive entry. You can contact Locksmith Chermside if you are stuck in any process.


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