A Guide To Better Garage Door Lock Replacement

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You need to know a little bit more about the gadget you’re dealing with to provide the greatest garage door lock replacement. After you’ve determined what type of garage door lock you’ll be changing, you’ll need to determine why it needs to be replaced.

Before buying parts or removing anything, it’s always a good idea to get a little more information about your specific situation. If you require assistance with your garage door lock replacement, see if Stronghold Locksmith provides services in your region.

Common Garage Door Locks

The first step in replacing a garage door lock is to figure out what kind of hardware you’re replacing. There are a variety of garage door locks to choose from. Within the general classification, each kind includes variations. Determine the type of lock on your garage door before replacing it.

1. T-Handle


On the exterior of the door, a garage door T-handle is formed like a “T” with a keyed cylinder in the center. A second T-handle or a lever with tensioned cables attached to latches on either side of the door is frequently found on the interior of the garage door.

The removal of the garage door T-handle will most likely commence from within the garage. Frequently, the set screws on the inner handle side are removed, and the outer handle is pulled loose. Remove the set screws first if they are visible from the outside.

2. Rim Lock

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A rim lock on a garage door will have a lock cylinder visible from the outside and a lock body visible from the inside. The set screws for the lock cylinder can be found on the thumb turn and hardware in the garage’s interior. To begin replacing the garage door lock, you must first locate the set screws.

In many circumstances, you won’t need to replace your rim lock entirely. You can keep your rim latch lock body and avoid redrilling a different set screw configuration if you simply need to change the door lock cylinder. Just make sure you obtain a lock cylinder that fits your existing rim latch.

3. Padlock

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A padlock is usually located on the bottom or side of a garage door on the outside. The padlock will be secured to a hasp by a bolt that extends into the ground or the garage’s sidewall. Because the hasp and padlock function together, it’s critical to match the greatest padlock with the best hasp.

It is fairly simple to replace a padlock on a garage door. Remove the old padlock from the door. Replace the padlock. If necessary, change the hasp. However, if the padlock refuses to unlock, you may want assistance. The equipment you’ll need to remove a broken padlock may be stashed away in your garage.

Final Advice 

Determine the sort of garage door lock you have. Determine why you want to replace your garage door lock. You will gain a better understanding of your alternatives by answering those two questions. However, if you have any further queries, please post them in the comments section below.

If you don’t have a lock on your garage door, you should look into Locksmith Chermside services. Garage door lock replacement is available for everything else. If you require assistance, Stronghold Locksmith can help you with whatever type of garage door lock replacement you require.


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