Benefits of using keypad locks

The advent of technology has completely revolutionized the way we lock our houses. Keypad locks have replaced the traditional locks as they’re more efficient and easy to use. Instead of using a key, keypad locks require you to enter a code (usually 4 digits) to unlock the door. When the correct code is entered, the deadbolt is released and the lock is opened. Some keypads also have an added feature that keeps the door locked for 15 seconds or more if an incorrect code is entered. We at Stronghold locksmith Paddington have more reasons why you should consider getting a keypad.

keypad locks

Provides extra safety compared to traditional locks

You can change codes frequently to ensure additional safety. If a roommate has moved out, he may have an extra set of keys for the apartment. Or if he has handed them in, there’s also a possibility that he may have made duplicate keys without your knowledge. In this way, traditional locks fail to go an extra mile for your safety unlike keyless locks, which allow you to change the code as soon as a roommate leaves.

Integration with access control systems

Keypad locks can get easily integrated with access control systems. Sometimes, you may wish to limit the entry inside a particular space during certain hours. Integrating these locks with access control systems will not give entry even if the right code is entered during those specified hours.  This feature will also ensure that the door won’t unlock during specified night hours and thus, won’t ruin your precious sleep time. For businesses, this will ensure that employees are kept off certain areas during certain hours. Who thought this was even possible?

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Allows you to go keyless!

Forget the hassle of keeping the keys with you before leaving the house. No need to give any spare keys to neighbors in Paddington, friends, or family members in case you get locked out. You can also let go of the fear of your child losing or misplacing the keys.

Increased durability compared to traditional locks

Traditional locks are more prone to damage and may, therefore, fail to provide the level of durability that keypad locks do. A good quality lock and keypad device is expected to be more durable than its traditional counterparts.

Easy Installation

A lot of people assume that installing keypad locks is a tedious and long process. However, this is not true. Standard keypad locks can get installed on most doors and only require batteries or some kind of power connection.

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locksmith installing keypad

Access to family members

Instead of giving spare keys, give your family members codes! No need to get out from your cozy blanket to open the door for the ones waiting outside. Give them codes and let them open the lock themselves!

Track who goes in

Many keypad locks can carry up to 20 different codes- one for everyone. These can be easily changed or removed from the system. This feature will help you keep track of who goes inside the house and at what time.

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