Can a locksmith duplicate car keys?


Can a locksmith duplicate car keys?

Keys are very necessary as you cannot get in your house or car without them. We depend so much on our cars that the idea of being stuck outside is haunting. Sometimes when you forget the car key inside your car then the worry immediately strikes you that what will you do now? 

But do not worry because locksmiths are skilled at fixing this problem. They will either break the car lock or fix it. They will duplicate and replace the car key thus fixing the problem of the car. 

Automotive locksmith is a special type of locksmith who is an expert at fixing the problem of car locks. He can break the lock and even can replace the key as well. An automotive locksmith can even replace the ignition system as well. Thus he knows the ways to duplicate the car keys and how to do it.

There are many ways a locksmith can fix the problem. Either by breaking the lock via jimmying it or duplicating the key to save you from future problems.

Automotive Locksmith Unscrewing a lock

Replacing or Duplicating Keys:

Locksmiths have to deal with two types of car locks and keys. Few come with the electrical piece and electrical fobs attached to them. But the rest do not have any electrical fob or any electrical pieces attached to them.

The second ones are easy to make and duplicate. Because they are frequent and common and locksmith easily gets the shape and structure of the car key by knowing the number and the model. So upon giving complete information he can easily replace the car keys and provide you with the clone. These are convenient to make and just like residential keys. So a typical locksmith can replace them.

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Replacing the Electric Keys:

This is the tricky method because electric keys need a lot of caution. They are programmed according to the car and they need to be specially programmed. Replacing and duplicating them needs them to be reprogrammed. Because this consists of the chip which has a signal synchronized with a remote receiver. So duplicating those means that the new chip must be programmed on the same signal level as the old one. It is named as “coded” or “transponder” keys.

These chips work on the same principle as a passcode. Just like the numbers and alphabets in the passcode the chip has a signature signal. So it is tricky even impossible to copy them. But an automotive locksmith can do it. It can be done by tuning the frequency of the chip on the signal that the remote receiver accepts.

So whenever you get a car with a coded key, take it to your locksmith. Ask your locksmith to forge the key with the chip that has the same frequency as your original key. It is a work of few hours and once it is done you can be free of worry. Automotive locksmiths can reprogram the car key also.

So, whenever you need to replace your key take it to the locksmith and he will duplicate any kind of key.

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