How to remove broken key from lock


How to remove broken key from lock

We often make mistakes when in hurry and try to wrap things up quickly. You are about to go out and lock your door hurriedly and with pressure. Then suddenly you hear a noise which is the sound of a key broken in the lock. This is a nightmare because the broken key in the lock does not come out easily and jams it. 

To get back in, you need to break the lock or remove the key from the lock. This might need professional help or you can do it by yourself. You can remove it all on your own if you know the right ways. Below here, we are going to tell you the ways to remove a broken key from the lock.

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1- Use of the tweezers:

Everyone has got a tweezer at home and this comes in handy many times. Surprisingly, it can remove the key from the lock too. You just have to gauge the depth of key in the lock and select a tweezer of appropriate thickness. Now put the tweezer in the lock and grab the key. This method only works best if the edge of the key is graspable by tweezers. So they can easily pull it back.

2Key Extractor:

This is a tool that locksmiths use for removing keys from locks. So to avail of this option, you must call for urgent professional help. They place this tool along the bitting part of the key. The extractor has hooks that will lock with the hooks present on the key. Thus, the extractor pulls the key upon full interaction of the hooks. The extractor can be either single-hooked or double-hooked.

3- Hacksaw Blade:

If there is a mini hacksaw blade then you can make one yourself. Take a blade that is thin enough to fit into the lock and extract the key. If it is thick then break it with the help of pliers and insert it into the lock. The serrated edge is on the angle then place it in the key in the way that serrated edge is towards you.  Now turn it and then pull it back to extract the key.

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4- Super Glue:

Though the use of super glue kind of looks like something counterintuitive. It is not one of the best methods and has not much of a success rate. But in an emergency, it is a must-try option. You have to take a matchstick and glue it to the key and then start pulling it back. But try this method only when any part of the key is visible. Otherwise, it will jam the lock.

5- Probe and Pull:

If two metal pieces are quite thin then you can use them to extract the key. Put your pieces around the part of the key which wards the lock and applies sufficient pressure. Now, you have to start pulling the broken key part towards you. 

Final Words:

When you are in an emergency and cannot call professional help then resort to one of these methods.

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