What keys Cannot be duplicated?


What keys Cannot be duplicated?

As we know that locksmiths are adept and experts at duplicating and forging keys. They can break any door by making their new locks and forging their keys. Not only houses, but they are also experts of locks of cars, etc. But not every lock can be broken and not every key is for duplication. 

There are certain keys that cannot be duplicated. They are called Do not duplicate (DND) keys. How much a locksmith in brisbane may try but those keys are rather invincible. They are safer as no one can duplicate them so the locks they open are also safe. 

We are enlisting a few keys that cannot be duplicated. You will also find the reasons behind that below. These are non-duplicable keys:

  1. Transponder Key
  2. Laser Cut Car Key
  3. VAT Key
  4. Abloy keys
  5. Tubular Keys
  6. Internal Cut Keys
  7. Four-Sided Key
Key duplication

1- Transponder Key: 

They are one of the most modern keys because they use microchips in them. The chips are specially programmed and they transmit a signal which is of low level. The receiver is a remote one that recognizes the signal transmitted by chips. 

As these chips are specifically designed and have a special program thus it is almost impossible to duplicate them.  They need to be reprogrammed altogether in case of an emergency.

2- Laser Cut Car Key:

Another name for these keys is sidewinder keys. The thing that makes them special is the unusual cut they have. It is impossible to cut them with a normal cutter. The laser cutter is used to cut them in an emergency. Additionally, they come in a variety of shapes.

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3- VAT Key:

These keys are the first-ever electric keys. They are electrically modified and have resistors built in them. When put into the ignition, the current passes through the resistor and if that does not matches the value of current fed in the memory of the computer then the car does not start. This makes them impossible to duplicate.

4- Abloy keys:

These are unique keys based on the cylinders and not on pins. They have a signature cutting mechanism used in their making that makes it hard to clone Abloy keys.

5- Tubular Key:

The lock for this key is circular just like this key. There is a circular hole in the middle with metal surrounding it. The notch of the key must fit the lock perfectly to open it. The lock and key work in a system with deadbolts added as additional security thus they are hard to clone.

6- Four-Sided Key:

This key has four sides which makes it a unique one because it can fit only specific locks. Suck keys and locks are used in residences. 

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