Common UPVC Door Lock & Window Problems



A UPVC door or window can be broken for various reasons and requires repair. Because these products are most commonly installed in domestic and residential settings, they are prone to overuse and wear.

So, right now, we will go over the most common issues with UPVC doors and windows and some tips on how to avoid or repair them.

Stuck Lock or Jammed Lock

When your UPVC door or window lock jams, it’s usually due to a malfunctioning lock mechanism. The euro profile cylinder and the multi-point locking system are the two main mechanical components of the lock.

In some cases, the key may not turn in or will not turn the lock. When this happens, the lock is likely to become stuck or jammed. Never force the key to turn when this happens, as this could damage the lock mechanism or the UPVC door/window.

It’s also possible that your keys will turn around but not lock the door or window. This is still a problem with the mechanism, which a locksmith can quickly fix.

Contacting Our Locksmith South Brisbane is the best way to deal with this. To deal with this issue, we employ specialised tools.

UPVC Window

Misaligned UPVC Door or Window

There are times when we “accidentally” slam the doors or shut the windows. The UPVC door or window may become distorted as a result of this. In most cases, the hinges’ bolts and hooks become loose, and a new pair of bolts is all that is required.

In other cases, extreme banging of the door may cause the frames to misalign with the doors or windows. Or, in the worst-case scenario, it could crack the UPVC material if it is of poor quality.

Avoiding unnecessary banging of the door or window is the best way to avoid this. As previously stated, you can check the screws in the hinges to see if they can be tightened or replaced if they are loose. However, we recommend contacting our emergency locksmith service in the most challenging situations.

UPVC Door or Window Key Is Broken

A key breaking inside a lock is familiar with almost all types of key-entry doors and even crucial padlocks. It usually happens when you have an old, frequently used key. 

If your UPVC door or window lock becomes jammed, you should contact one of our trusted local locksmiths in Leeds. Contact us before attempting to turn the keys against a jammed lock forcefully only because you have the potential to make things worse. 

UPVC Windows & Doors

Keys need to be jiggled to work.

This is a basic poor key cut issue if you try to insert a key and then jiggle it to make it lock or open the UPVC door or window. This is more common with spare keys, so you may want to have your primary key reduplicated by our Leeds locksmith key cutting team for a better and more precise cut duplicate.

Over time, UPVC door locks and windows have evolved. However, most UPVC door and window locks are still susceptible to these issues. It is always best to seek the assistance of a reputable locksmith for any repairs.

The UPVC Door Lock and Windows Locksmiths at Stronghold Locksmiths are fully equipped and have the experience to handle all UPVC Window and  Door Lock problems and other lock and home security issues.

We also provide security upgrades, upgrades, and installations for residential and commercial properties at very reasonable rates. Our services are available near your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our clients can expect reliable, nondestructive, timely, and professional service from us.


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