Local Car Locksmiths Investigate Ignition Switch Issues

Ignition Switch Issues


Even though today’s cars have automatic transmissions, they still have an ignition key. The ignition switch next to the steering column turns when you insert the key, and the engine starts. What if it doesn’t? Then your irritability kicks in. It would be best to choose between having your car towed to an auto repair shop and looking for an automotive locksmith.

Do neither of these things; instead, contact a mobile Auto Locksmith Banyo. Within minutes of receiving your call, they will arrive at your location and repair the faulty ignition switch. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s always a good idea to know what’s causing the problem.

The most common ignition problems and their causes

These are the most common ignition problems you’ll encounter in everyday life. This could be due to a variety of factors, including

Dead battery

If a car does not start, the first conclusion everyone draws is that you have a dead car battery. How to check if your battery life is good? The simplest way is to try to turn on the headlights. If they turn on, you do not have a bad battery. Now that you know your battery has life check the starter. 



Look under the hood of your car for the starter. If you start the car and hear a clicking sound, your battery is fine, but you have a problem with the starter. For example, it could be caused by a faulty starter motor or faulty wiring. If there is no clicking noise, but the car still won’t start, the problem could be a faulty ignition switch.

Ignition switch failure

Both your battery and starter are good if your car’s lights turn on and you don’t hear a clicking sound when you start it. A faulty ignition switch then causes the issue.

The lock’s broken key

The key may break and become stuck within the lock due to normal wear and tear. To extract the key, you’ll need the help of a professional auto locksmith.

Damaged wafers

Wafers are the ignition switch’s cuts to determine which ignition key is correct. If these wafers become damaged due to daily use, the entire ignition cylinder must be replaced.

Ignition Switch

Defective transponder key

At the end of your keyless ignition fob is an electronic transponder chip. When this chip is damaged, your key will not turn the ignition switch.

Jammed ignition lock

Even when you turn off the car, your key may not come out. This indicates that your ignition lock is jammed.

How to tell if your ignition switch is broken?

If a faulty switch causes the ignition problem, you will notice the following symptoms.

Even after several attempts, the car will not start.

This indicates that your ignition switch has been damaged due to normal wear and tear. To replace your entire ignition switch, contact a professional auto locksmithing company.

The key in the ignition will not turn.

If your key doesn’t turn, jiggle the steering wheel to see if the steering lock is engaged. If the steering wheel is not locked, the ignition switch is to blame, but the key will not turn.

While driving, the car comes to a complete stop.

This could be dangerous if it happens while driving on the highway or expressway. Replace the entire ignition cylinder by pulling the vehicle to one side and calling an emergency car locksmith.

Flickering Dashboard lights

The best thing to do is call a Stronghold Locksmith when you have such problems. These mechanics are well-versed in today’s vehicle models and their associated ignition issues.  They can replace a battery or the entire ignition wiring system for a reasonable price.

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