Will Automobile Keys Be Obsolete in the Coming Future?

Automobile Key

No More Car Keys

As a driver, you’ve probably had your car keys stolen or misplaced and then contacted a locksmith in Newstead. No one enjoys having a headache. You may have even needed the assistance of an auto locksmith company to obtain a replacement key. Key fobs may soon be obsolete thanks to an ingenious solution. What kind of magic are we talking about? In a nutshell, mobile applications. 

Car Keys Replaced By Mobile Apps

Several automakers have already developed apps that allow you to start, lock, and unlock your car from a distance. However, driving the vehicle still necessitates the use of a physical key. Volvo recently announced that key fobs would be phased out in favour of mobile apps.

What makes this different from the current key system? That is an excellent question.

Suppose Volvo is successful in bringing the avant-garde concept to life. In that case, your car will recognise your phone as a key fob. Essentially, in the not-too-distant future, you will be able to fully operate your car by simply pressing a button on your phone. The new technology will have several advantages compared to the current key option. One of the benefits is not having to bring a key with you. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Automobile Keys

The Advantages of Keyless Technology

There’s no chance of misplacing your keys: You won’t have to worry about misplacing your keys because you’ll only need an app to operate your vehicle. What is the reason for this? You won’t be juggling physical keys, for starters. Your phone serves as your key.

Car Sharing: If a family member or friend asks to borrow your car, you can share your digital key with them instead of worrying about losing or damaging your car keys. Furthermore, it makes no difference where you are; you can lend your car to someone from anywhere.

Painless Car Rental: If you’ve ever waited in long lines for a rental car at an airport, you’ll understand how valuable time can be in this situation. Additionally, rental car companies may be able to eliminate the rental desk altogether, saving them money on staffing and booth rentals.

The majority of the above benefits seem both practical and realistic to implement today. There are, however, risks associated with almost every innovation.

The Keyless Solution’s Risks

At first glance, no-key technology appears to be an excellent replacement for standard keys. However, two pitfalls may cause car owners to be hesitant.

Misplacing, losing, or breaking your phone: Like with key fobs, you may misplace, lose, or even break your phone. So, what happens next? We would need to devise a system to allow you to operate your vehicle while simultaneously protecting its security.

Let’s consider the possibility of losing or damaging your phone.

Imagine camping with your family, and an emergency arises that necessitates a quick trip to the hospital. You drop your phone just as you are sprinting to your car, and the screen breaks. When you can’t use your phone to drive or even open the car, how do you get to your destination?

Phone Getting Hacked: With a digital key, you won’t have to worry about someone hacking your phone or app and stealing your car. Thieves will no longer need to pick a lock or break into it to steal a car. Instead, they’ll need the help of a skilled hacker to get their hands on a vehicle. Because of this danger, digital encryption technology will have to be impenetrable if it becomes commonplace.

Car Keys

The Bottom Line

While keyless entry and operation technology would be far more convenient, the risks involved are significant enough to prevent this from becoming a commonplace option. These issues are most likely being addressed right now, and we should see some version of this being tested soon.

The physical key is likely to stay around for a while in the short term. And who knows what might happen? Perhaps the day will come when an auto locksmith transforms into an auto “Mobile” Smith.

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