How to open a locked bedroom door without using a key?

There are numerous instances you can recall when you have forgotten the keys of your locked door and locked out yourself. Some of us are habitual forgetters, while a few forget stuff when in an emergency due to stress. In any case, this habit causes considerable frustration. Imagine all your valuables are inside your room, but you cannot access them right away. This image alone is enough to create panic. Because the bedroom is usually the niche of a person. And once you lock yourself out, it generates a huge amount of tension. So, to relieve your stress in such a situation, we at Stronghold locksmith Paddington will tell you ways that will help you a lot.

Picking the Lock

This is a difficult method for unlocking a locked door, but by following the instructions carefully, one can easily unlock the door without a key. The first step to pick up the lock is picking an Allen Wrench. Insert this wrench into the keyhole. Be mindful while applying pressure. Apply gentle pressure in turning the lock a little bit in the same direction as the key. Be vigilant in keeping the steady pressure as much as you can. Now pick a paperclip but make sure that it is unbent. The paperclip should have a slight crook at one end. This is used to pick the lock or you can hire our professional services that will do the job for you. Now there are two methods for picking the lock with the help of a paperclip.

locked door

Scrubbing Method

  • In this method, push your paperclip slightly at the keyhole’s lower ends of your locked door.
  • After pushing, lift it upward and back.
  • Repeat this process in round motions and keep increasing the pressure applied on the wrench.
  • Make sure to increase pressure at every turn.
  • Keep doing this unless the lock shifts, and you will detect this shift.
  • When you sense this shift, stop increasing the pressure and keep it steady now.
  • Unless the locks get unlocked, keep doing this.

Pin by Pin

  • Resort to this method when you are sure that the scrubbing method does not work for your locked door.
  • In this method, you will use the same Allen wrench.
  • But now you must keep the wrench at an angle.
  • Keep the pressure steady and no need to increase it.
  • Now try pushing the paperclip inside gradually. When you feel that the paperclip has contacted the lock’s pin, catch the paperclip on the bend and lift it in an upward direction till you hear the click.
  • Keep repeating this with extra pins unless you can crack the lock.
  • You can also use a bobby pin for picking the lock.
Locksmith Repair

Destroying the Lock

This must be the last resort because it leaves the door in an ugly-looking state. Only choose this way when you have failed in all other methods and still cannot unlock your locked door. But when you must pick this way, grab a hammer and start pounding on the lock. After a few strikes, the lock will break, and the door will be unlocked finally.

Final Words

In case the above-mentioned methods are not working then you can try drilling the lock. If you can find a drill lying around, then feel free to use it. Keep drilling into the hole unless the pins are destroyed. This is the quickest method to open the door, If nothing works you can call a locksmith near the Paddington area to help you out.

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