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Have You Checked Your Home Security?

home security

You can check the security of your property throughout your home. There are a few simple checks. Some of the following checks are good for you to do at least once a year. CHECK YOUR LOCKS Let’s start with the locks already in place. It is a good idea to check your property’s locks. All

Make Your Home More Secure

make your home secure

In recent years crime rates have risen and now more than ever it is important to make your home a haven for yourself and your family by ensuring the security of all entrances. Why make it easier for criminals to access your property by leaving doors unlocked or unsecured? By increasing the security around your

Ten Tips for Keeping Your Rental Property Secure

The last thing that any landlord wants is for their property to be broken into. As a result, landlords often take preventative measures to ensure the safety of their rental properties. However, this can be difficult if you have a large property and not enough time or manpower to monitor it constantly. In this article,

How to remove broken key from lock

STRONGHOLD LOCKSMITHS How to remove broken key from lock We often make mistakes when in hurry and try to wrap things up quickly. You are about to go out and lock your door hurriedly and with pressure. Then suddenly you hear a noise which is the sound of a key broken in the lock. This ...

7 reasons to install home security systems

Theft is a real possibility and something you should keep an eye out for. Home security systems are an effective way of significantly reducing the chances of a thief breaking into your house. But are they necessary? We at Stronghold locksmith Brighton firmly believe that you do. Let us dive into the reasons why you ...