How to unlock my home door if I left my home keys inside?

When you leave in a hurry, you try to do things quickly, and in that turmoil, you can easily forget your valuables and essentials inside the home. But you can go back to get it. The only thing you cannot efficiently recruit is the key to the house. When you leave your keys inside the home, then invariably, you have locked yourself out. It takes a great deal of effort to open the home door. And in the meantime, you face an enormous amount of stress. But worry no more, we at Stronghold Locksmith Albion are going to tell you how to open your home door if you have forgotten your keys inside.

1. Credit Card:

A Credit card is indeed a magic solution to our problems, but it can help you open your home door too. It works only for spring bolts but not the deadbolts. A spring bolt is a part of the handle, and it is slightly slanted. So, it is advisable that always pick a medium-quality spring lock. So even if they break or need to be broken, you do not suffer a significant loss.  So how to open a door with a credit card? Grab your laminated credit card and push it between the frame and the lock. Now bend the credit card back. Bend it the way that it forces the lock back into the door. In this way, the lock will be opened easily. But if there is no space between the frame and the lock, then push it between the frames which is present overhead the lock and the door. Now jab it downward in a quick moment, and this will work. A thick card is the best for this method.

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2. Screwdriver:

It is effective only for locks with privacy handles. There is a push button in these kinds of doors that locks them on pushing. If you have locked yourself out, look carefully and search for a tiny hole. When you find the hole in the door, grab a screwdriver, specifically an eyeglass screwdriver, and push it in the hole. Keep pushing it as far as you can. Upon catching the groove, twist it immediately. This way, you will easily open the lock.

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3. Unhinge the door:

Might be a tough choice, but when you are out of option, this is the only way. It should always be your last option to act upon. Take a usual screwdriver of average size. Now wedge the screwdriver between the pin and the lowermost knuckle. Now grab a hammer and start tapping the handle of the screwdriver. Always tap with hammer downward. After repeated taps, the pin will become loose. Now repeat the same method on the rest of the hinges one by one. And for extreme force, use a Phillips-head screwdriver.

4. Professional Help:

It is better advised to call a Stronghold locksmith for an efficient opening. This will also protect your lock, and it will always guarantee safety. Now it is your choice which method you will pick in this unlucky situation. So if you’re living near Albion, contact us today.

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