Keyless locks – Pros and Cons

Ever considered getting a keyless lock? Not sure if it is the right kind of security item? Worry no more as we at Stronghold locksmith Brighton got you covered! Here’s a list of pros and cons you should consider before investing in a keyless lock.


As the name says, it’s key less!

Forget the hassle of keeping the keys with you before leaving the house. No need to give any spare keys to neighbors, friends or family members incase you get locked out. You can also let go of the fear of your child losing or misplacing the keys.

Provides extra safety compared to traditional locks

You can change codes frequently in order to ensure additional safety. If a roommate has moved out, he may have an extra set of keys for the apartment. Or if he has handed them in, there’s also a possibility that he may have made duplicate keys without your knowledge. In this way, traditional locks fail to go an extra mile for your safely unlike keyless locks, which allow you to change the code as soon as a roommate leaves. 

Access to family members

Instead of giving spare keys, give your family members codes! No need to get out from your cosy blanket to open the door for the ones waiting outside. Give them codes and let them open the lock themselves!

Monitoring activity

Some keyless locks allow you to monitor the check in and check out times. In this way, you can make sure that your child reaches back home on time and doesn’t sneak out. Some locks also allow you to code different passwords for different people. In this way, you can track who comes in and goes out from your apartment. Something a traditional lock can never do.

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Technical glitches

Technical glitches is one thing you should keep in mind while going for keyless smart locks. Most of these locks may also require regular software updates or battery replacement. 

Risk of hackers

With technology comes the risk of hackers hacking into your system to access the gateway. When switching to a keyless lock, make sure that the lock has a high-security rate, in order to avoid any uninvited visitors to your place.

Remembering codes 

One of the obvious downsides of keyless locks is the trouble of remembering codes. It is also recommended to frequently change the codes so that the buttons don’t get worn out. If you’ve have a hard time remembering them then keyless locks may not be for you.


The cost of a keyless locking system is undeniably more than its counterpart due to obvious reasons. However, its ease and efficiency may make you think that this is a better option to consider. 

Power failure

If the keyless lock you’re opting for is electrical then a power failure will make it non-functional, thus locking you out from your apartment.

Ending Thoughts

Whether a keyless lock is right for you or not depends on your budget, who’ll be using it and the specifications of that lock. Keyless locks will make life easier if you know how to use them effectively.

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