Burglary Preventions 101

Staying safe is no easier as the thieves are getting cleverer when it comes to breaking into your home. If you look down the neighbourhood street, can you tell which houses look more appealing to the burglars? We all think we’re doing the right thing. We buy security cameras for the house, alarm systems, light up entrances but does any of that scare the burglars away? We at Stronghold locksmith Hamilton have some Burglary Prevention measures for your safety.

Burglary Prevention

The exterior of the house

Landscaping of the house is as important as having security systems in place. The shrubs should be cut low, and the trees should stand tall as you may not want a burglar to seek refuge behind big bushes. Another interesting thing you should look at is the use of rock and stones on the gateway instead of grass; rocks make noise when you walk on them, but grass does not. A burglar does not want to be heard nor does he want to be seen. So, let us talk about exterior lighting. Having lights around the front of your home is a great way to deter burglars but also important is the place of those lights. Having a light motion sensor right at the front of your home would help keep the uninvited visitors away.

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Alarm Systems

No matter how many DIY tricks you do for Burglary Prevention, not all of them are as effective as having alarm systems in place. Not only does it prevent burglary but also provides peace of mind to the homeowners. However, make sure that the alarm systems always remain activated- especially at night.

Other precautions one should take

Burglary Prevention and Security is important but it does not always have to come at a high cost. Try not to post your vacation plans on social media-it may become a green signal for the burglars to enter your home. Secondly, refrain from hiding door keys under mats, flowerpots, mailboxes etc.-burglars having experience with theft know where to look for them. It is also noteworthy that you don’t do stuff that tempts thieves i.e., keeping the curtains open for them to look into your house, keeping the garden sheds and garages unlocked. Moreover, one must do maintenance of locks at least twice a year.

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Lock up your ladders

Do not put ladders insight for the thieves to see. Ladders make it extremely easy for the burglars to reach second-story windows. Therefore, it is best to keep the ladders locked up in a garage or inside the house and not tempt the burglars to make your place their next entry.

Switching to keyless locks

Keyless locks offer more security compared to their counterparts-traditional locks. You can change codes frequently to ensure additional safety in Hamilton. If a roommate has moved out, he may have an extra set of keys for the apartment. Or if he has handed them in, there is also a possibility that he may have made duplicate keys without your knowledge. In this way, traditional locks fail to go an extra mile for your Burglary Prevention safety unlike keyless locks, which allow you to change the code as soon as a roommate leaves.

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