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If you’re considering new locks in Albion for your home or remodeling, traditional versus smart locks could present a dilemma. You are used to traditional locks and that is what you know best, but you want your own to have all of the latest security bells and whistles.

That’s why homeowners may be considering adding smart locks to their homes for extra protection. Compare the differences between traditional locks and smart locks to find out which is better for your home’s security.

How traditional locks work

Traditional locks were just considered “locks” until the arrival of smart locks. “These” are locks that do not come with a smart function. They come in a variety of styles. These would be anything not automated, hand-winched, or otherwise, and have to be manually engaged to work. These will be locks such as deadbolts, knob locks, and mortise locks rather than ones that work electronically.

Most traditional locks are opened by using a key and are likely to be made of rim locks, pin tumblers, or mortise locks. These types of locks work by utilizing a key that allows the device to align and release features like springs or cogs.

These have always been considered secure ways to lock things like your home, office, car, and safe. Residential deadbolts are integrated with the best security measures available and are said to be the most secure. There is a wide variety of deadbolts that you can choose from, or you can enhance the security with unique features such as Grade I deadbolt.

The best way to secure a traditional Locksmith Albion is by choosing an appropriately designed and constructed product, placing it in the correct position for locking, and using it correctly.

Electronic Locks

Smart locks

Smart locks are a different type of lock that relies on technology since you will be engaging them electronically or remotely. There are two types of locks you might find on an outdoor door. The traditional kind requires a key and the new type, which is automated and unobtrusive.

Smart plugs can be controlled remotely by your smartphones and function with other connected devices. This may feel more secure than someone picking your locks, but being online means it’s susceptible to being hacked.

To unlock a door with a smart lock, you must use your cryptographic key to open it. This is where the lock receives instructions on what to do. The device monitors its activity and will send you notifications to your phone so that you are less worried as the owner. You won’t have to carry a key around (on their person) unless you use a key fob since you’ll mostly be able to use the car from an app on your phone.

The security of smart locks is debatable because they are technically hackable, but traditional locks can also be tampered with in other ways. Smart locks are newer and may not be the most secure solution for your home, despite being monitored from a device.

Though they may not work with an existing deadbolt, these services provide homeowners a convenient alternative to the all-in lock. You also need to consider what would happen if you lost your phone and it could unlock your door on it.

You might find that a traditional Locksmith Albion is what you prefer, considering that more modifications can be made to it. As an added security measure, make sure the lock has additional features to prevent hacking. Whether you go with a Locksmith Albion, you must find someone who can answer any questions you may have. Some of the considerations when picking a lock are what makes you feel safer.


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