What Are The Steps In The Process Of Making A Car Key?

Car Key Making


When your key is lost, you may face this troubling situation. To be prepared for the worst, you must have a backup plan. Every day, thousands of people lose their Car keys across the country. What are your options when you lose your key and do not have a spare?

It will be necessary to hire someone to assist you with the process of making a new car key if you find yourself in this situation. The services of a qualified and licensed locksmith Brisbane are available to produce car keys. The steps are as follows:


1) Car Assessment and Finding the Right Blank  Car Key

Locksmiths begin by determining the vehicle’s make, model, and year. A locksmith can identify the appropriate key blank for the vehicle by using specialized computer software and searching the vehicle information.

2) Cutting the Car Key (For Older Vehicles)

The locksmith can use this specialist software to provide the cuts required to cut into the blank key if the vehicle is older, and the key can be created from the key code. The locksmith can also perform a similar procedure if there is no crucial code available, but in that case, the locksmith will remove the driver’s side door lock, over which the critical code is generally stamped. A locksmith can work out the cuts of a key for a lock that does not have a code stamped on it if the code is not stamped on the lock. You should remember that the locksmith is trained to handle this particular part of the process and will be able to do it in a professional and accurate manner using suitable materials to complete this task.

 A professional electronic key cutting machine is then used to cut keys to code, which for our purposes, means that the key blank is cut following the exact specifications specified by the factory through the keys’ code provided by the factory.

3) Transponder key programming (newer vehicles)

Transponder keys are generally used in newer vehicles. Keys with transponder technology have an electronic chip in the head of the key that houses the transponder code. A chip in the ignition key deactivates the engine when it is inserted into the ignition, permitting the motor to start. The key will not start the car without the correct chip, even if it is turned to the ignition position.

From the vehicle information, the locksmith can identify which critical blank and transponder chip must be programmed, and he has two different ways to do this: first, using the vehicle identification information to identify the critical blank and transponder chip.

  • Key cloning – It is the process in which a copy is made of both the physical cuts of the key and the data held in its transponder chip, which can be used to clone the key;
  • Programming the Key into the Vehicle – This process requires specialized equipment specifically designed for the task .of programming keys into vehicles.

Locksmiths use specialized software to determine the method required and either copy or program the key into the vehicle using the software. It is often necessary to program the remote control of the new key to unlock the car and boot as part of this process. 

Different car keys

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4) Performing tests

It is time to test the car keys to ensure they are working correctly after they have been cut to code and the transponder chip has either been cloned or programmed to your vehicle, so you can ensure they are working correctly.

Taking the time to do this isn’t long, and it will ensure everyone is satisfied with the results. Since the locksmith has the latest equipment and years of experience and skill in similar situations, the car key will likely work the first time since the locksmiths have years of experience and skill in similar situations and know what to do in such cases.


All of this might be simple when you use specialized software and critical machines, but in reality, the equipment needed to “complete” this task typically costs tens of thousands of dollars, and becoming a specialized automotive locksmith requires many hours of training.

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