What Artificial Intelligence Can Do For The Surveillance


Artificial intelligence seems to be incorporated into everything we do nowadays as part of technological innovation. Consumers and governments can benefit from adding artificial intelligence to surveillance systems. Locksmith Grange explains that surveillance systems may become more potent with AI in the following ways:

  • Video analysis and understanding are made possible by artificial intelligence
  • The system will work independently of the internet or any other network by integrating into surveillance systems
  • Mass video surveillance will be made possible by artificial intelligence.

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Security tools such as video surveillance are considered essential. It is only helpful if someone watches the videos and recognizes when something is amiss. As an alternative, it can be used for post-mortem investigation. Artificial intelligence can help here. Various companies use advanced machine learning technology to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into video surveillance systems.

Surveillance camera users might even be able to sift through footage more quickly with some systems. Thousands of queries can be recognized by a system, for example, if you are searching for a particular type of vehicle. As a result, video footage can be matched with the appropriate output footage to determine, for example, what kind of car it is, what kind of animal it is, or what color its clothes are.



Some companies are working on integrating AI with cameras in addition to letting machines analyze videos. It will be possible to do this without relying on any network or internet connection. 

Furthermore, the AI can be programmed to perform specific functions rather than just look out for malicious activity. The integration of artificial intelligence into camera systems has allowed companies to create products that perform specialized functions. To determine whether pizza is of the appropriate shape and size, fish ladders are used in a dam in Idaho to count the number of fish. In the same way, consumer security video systems may become equipped with such surveillance capabilities. This measure will enhance our future surveillance capabilities and extent.

Artifical Intelligence


Observing the cameras’ fields of vision is one of the best uses of video surveillance, as mentioned above. Screens cannot be monitored afterward, so they can only be used afterward. The human capacity required to sit behind a monitor and analyze videos has limited to traditional surveillance. Through the incorporation of AI into video surveillance, hundreds of thousands of cameras can be monitored, thousands of hours of footage can be analyzed, and thousands, if not millions, of people, can be tracked simultaneously. 


Future surveillance will be powered by artificial intelligence in these and other ways. Much like with other technological innovations, the full effects of integrating AI into surveillance will not be apparent until the products are on the market.

Even though artificial intelligence can improve the functionality and effectiveness of video surveillance, it still has some drawbacks. Although AI can enable computers to identify and analyze humans and their actions, they have a long way to go before they can recognize and understand the context of the footage. Consequently, a surveillance system may identify an individual running, crying, laughing, or performing other actions, but it cannot identify why they are doing these things. 


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