When Lock Picking Looks Easy

When Lock Picking Looks Easy

As a local Locksmith Newstead, my aim is to provide great service at a great price to all of my clients. I am fortunate since my overhead costs are low as an independent mobile locksmith. I don’t have the expense of maintaining a call center or employing call center staff, as I do with large national franchised locksmith businesses. When people call my number, they will be directly speaking with me about their lock issue. Customizing and recommending services to family and friends, as well as previous clients, are all crucial to my success as a locksmith. This is why good customer service, quick replies, and efficient repairs matter to me.

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However, there are certain circumstances in which being overly quick and efficient might be interpreted as a disadvantage. For example, when I am called to a lock-out scenario in which someone is unable to get into their home, there are usually two options. It might be a fast lock that I can open in a few minutes, or it may be one that is tough to unlock and take some time, effort, and knowledge. Customers are typically ecstatic and appreciative when their doors are ultimately opened and they can return inside in both instances. I believe, however, that when the lock has been more of a struggle for customers, they are more appreciative than if it has been a simple one. This makes sense since we think of simple activities as being quick to complete. However, this may hide the true amount of effort and skill that has gone into being able to complete a task efficiently. It reminds me of an ancient legend:


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A person hires a renowned artist to paint him a picture of a fish. He is informed by the artist that it will take him a year to complete the work. Finally, after 365 days, the man returns and the artist still hasn’t given him a painting. The guy is irritated and demands that the work be done immediately. After the painter has finished painting, he or she produces the most beautiful picture of a fish ever. The man is shocked by the photo’s perfection, but he is also irritated. He asks the artist why he has had to wait a year for a painting that should have taken him five minutes. The student is taken to a cupboard, where the painter removes the lid. Thousands of fish sketches spill out.

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I’m not sure if what I’m attempting to say is that whether or not a job appears simple and quick does not imply it is. Before reaching your property, a competent locksmith will have been trained and practiced hundreds of hours with non-destructive strategies. There are numerous rogue locksmiths out there that haven’t completed the required hours of training or practice on the job and don’t know how to pick locks effectively. These are the hard-working locksmiths who pull out the power tools right away. When the metal coating on a lock barrel is worn away, they will drill it out and charge for a replacement, even when this isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, these locksmiths have given the industry a poor reputation.


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If a locksmith arrives at your home and gets you back inside swiftly and without hassle, be ecstatic that he or she is a knowledgeable locksmith with the appropriate qualifications for the task. Make certain that their phone number is stored safely.


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