Why Halloween Could Be A Dangerous Period For Your Property

Why Halloween Could Be A Dangerous Period For Your Property

Halloween is the time when kids are at their most creative in coming up with scary costumes. The pumpkins on your lawn become Jack-o’-lanterns, and you arm yourself against the inevitable begging for sweets by getting into the spirit of things by handing out candy yourself.

This evening celebration, an international event, has become one of our favorite times to visit. But it’s important to realize that Halloween comes with some downsides, not least the risk of having your home vandalized or even robbed.

Halloween is the perfect time for opportunist thieves looking for an easy target. They know you’ll be busy handing out candy and checking on children as they go from door to door, and they can easily slip away unnoticed. The risk is even higher if your street becomes a famous ‘trick or treat’ destination as large groups of children can be a magnet for criminal activity. 

It’s essential to make sure your house doesn’t become an easy target during this evening of mischief. Here are some useful hints for keeping your house and belongings secure during Halloween:

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• Keep your private parts private

halloween to protect your house

Don’t display items such as expensive jewelry or clothing on the pavement outside your house. These will be too tempting for passing trick-or-treaters, who may forget that it’s just a costume they’re wearing! We also provide locksmiths services in your locksmith Newstead area.

• No naked lights

halloween house

Ensure all your outside lights are switched off. Not only will this stop people peering through your windows, but it also makes houses less visible so criminals can’t see which homes they think are worth visiting.

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• Put screens on your house

To keep criminals out, make sure all of your doors and windows are secure, including window locks. As the sun begins to set, make sure you put screens on all of your windows. Contact Stronghold Locksmith Newstead today to make sure you have the highest security for your house. 

• Don’t answer the door

A trick-or-treater can be a child or a thief. It’s advisable to wait until they have gone before answering the door and opening your home up for inspection. If you’re going out, lock your door at the top of your house to prevent them from using a key to enter through your unlocked windows.

• Postpone that Halloween party

If you’re having a Halloween party, ensure all of your guests know it is being canceled. You don’t want people turning up expecting food and drink only for you to have fled the scene.

• Keep your front door lock

People can easily get access through an unlocked front door. Combine this with the fact that Halloween is a time when you are more likely to be distracted by children, and it makes your home one of the most vulnerable times of the year.

It’s crucial to remember that not everyone is who they claim to be, and not everything is as it appears. While we love this time of year, we also know that criminals will take advantage of your generosity and celebrate Halloween themselves by stealing from you!

We hope you’ve found these tips useful – happy Halloween!

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