The Latest Car Lockout Technologies: Keyless Entry and Smart Locks

keyless car entry

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, even the way we access our vehicles has undergone a significant transformation. The traditional physical car key is increasingly being replaced by advanced systems like keyless entry and smart locks. These innovations not only offer convenience but also enhance security. In this blog, our locksmith Newstead will help you

Will Automobile Keys Be Obsolete in the Coming Future?

Automobile Key

No More Car Keys As a driver, you’ve probably had your car keys stolen or misplaced and then contacted a locksmith in Newstead. No one enjoys having a headache. You may have even needed the assistance of an auto locksmith company to obtain a replacement key. Key fobs may soon be obsolete thanks to an

How To Fix Car Central Locking System

Car central locking system

If you’re like most people, you probably take your car’s central locking system for granted. But what happens when it fails? Suddenly, you can’t get into your car or worse, it won’t lock at all! don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this post, we at stronghold locksmith show you how to fix a car’s

How To Remove Rust From A Lockset

How To Remove Rust From A Lockset

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be discussing how to remove rust from a lockset by our Locksmith Newstead. Rust can form on locksets over time due to exposure to water and other elements, which can cause the lock to become difficult or impossible to open. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove rust

The Different Types Of Home Locks You Should Know About

The Different Types Of Home Locks You Should Know About

  There are many different types of locks on the market today, and if you’re not familiar with them, you could be making a big mistake when it comes time to choose one. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the most common types of locks and what makes them unique. By the

Tips On Hiring A Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

  When something happens with a business, it is important that they have a professional to call on when they need them. It doesn’t matter if there is a fire or the CEO has been locked out of their office, they will need their locksmith in order to walk in and take care of business.

8 Myths About Keyless Locks

Keyless Locks

Keyless door locks are everywhere. You find them in homes, apartments, offices, and automobiles. They’re touted as superior security devices that can be opened with electronic or wireless keys without the inconvenience of carrying around metal keys with you all day. But do keyless doors live up to their promises?    Locksmiths across the country

When Lock Picking Looks Easy

When Lock Picking Looks Easy

As a local Locksmith Newstead, my aim is to provide great service at a great price to all of my clients. I am fortunate since my overhead costs are low as an independent mobile locksmith. I don’t have the expense of maintaining a call center or employing call center staff, as I do with large