Why Automatic Doors are Preferred at Many Businesses?

Automatic Doors are Preferred at Many Businesses

Do you own or manage a business? Have you ever considered installing automatic doors in your building but are hesitant to do so because of the potential costs involved?

If you’re considering this option for your office space, here’s some information that may help convince you that investing in this is worth making.

The following points highlight why businesses nationwide are opting for automatic doors rather than manual ones.

1: Occupant Safety

The first reason many businesses are making the switch to automatic entry doors is the safety factor. While it’s true that Stronghold Locksmith Paddington can offer locks that provide adequate security, there’s also a risk of occupants being injured by opening heavy doors. Statistics show that manual door injuries have been on the rise in recent years.

In light of this fact, many business owners have realized that automatic doors provide a better means to offer security after hours and protect their occupants from potential danger. While Stronghold Locksmith Paddington may be able to replace lost keys or re-key existing locks, there is no repairing broken bones or protecting occupants from potentially life-threatening injuries which may result from an accident involving a manual door.

2: Increased Productivity

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Businesses also consider switching to automatic doors because they increase productivity and efficiency. People who work in buildings with traditional manual entry points often feel frustrated waiting for the door to open before entering or leaving.

This is especially true during cold or inclement weather when it can take a matter of minutes for someone working in a building to leave. Add one or more employees are standing outside waiting for others to exit, and your business may be losing thousands of dollars each day.

When you consider how much time is spent at businesses around the country every day, it adds up to a lot of money that might be invested in more productive endeavors. With automatic doors in place, there’s no waiting around for someone else to open the door before entering or exiting your building.

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3: Reduction of Insurance Costs

In addition to the increased safety and productivity, automatic doors can help businesses save money on their insurance premiums. Most insurance providers give discounts to buildings with automatic doors because they are viewed as a safer alternative to traditional manual doors.

4: Aesthetics

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Another factor that may influence your decision regarding having an auto door installed is aesthetics. Installing automatic doors can provide your business or building with a sleek, modern look that will impress visitors and clients alike.

While it’s true that manually operated doors appear more aesthetically pleasing in some buildings, automatic doors are a better option for most businesses today.

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5: Lower Maintenance Costs

One of the most significant factors to consider when looking at automatic doors is their reduced maintenance costs compared to manual doors.

With manual entry points, people walking through them cause friction and stress on doors and frames, leading to a breakdown over time. This often results in more frequent repairs and higher costs for businesses that can budget for the repairs ahead of time.

However, automated doors do not increase wear and tear on your building; in fact, they provide a very minimal amount. This means that you should see lower maintenance costs with automatic doors over time than traditional manual doors.


Investing in automatic entry doors is an intelligent business decision. Not only are they safer, but you’ll also see increased productivity, reduced insurance costs, and better aesthetics when businesses choose to go with automated doors. There are many reasons to consider automatic door systems over manual doors.

What are your thoughts on choosing automatic door solutions over traditional manual door options? Comment down below!

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