Automatic VS Manual Door Service – Safety Comparison

Automatic VS Manual Door Service – Safety Comparison

For anyone with mobility issues, a flight of steps is tough to navigate, so choosing the correct entrance for your company should be about ease, safety, and security.

Choosing between an automated and a manual door is a significant choice, not just because of expense, but also because you owe it to your visitors to make every effort to ensure their safety while on your property.

Automatic Door Service with Stronghold Locksmith Paddington: The Obvious Benefits

The first thing many visitors to your premises may see is your entranceway, which speaks something about your image. The public expects some level of automation, right down to the quality of the washrooms on offer, so making a first impression that defines you like modern, tech-friendly, and fashionable is critical. One of the main reasons to go with the automatic option is this. A manual door may appear to be a barrier, but an automatic door may appear to be an invitation.

Automatic Door: Current Standards and Regulations

manual door

It’s fair to say that most businesses and public buildings now offer automatic door systems, and it is no longer unusual for people to expect this level of service. The reason is largely down to safety – after all, who wants manual doors, which can be cumbersome and difficult to maneuver? The main benefit of an automatic system is that all doors may be opened and kept open, allowing people to pass quickly out to safety.

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Manual Door Service in Locksmith Paddington: A Very British Type of Choice

In the old days, a manual door would have been perfectly acceptable for any premises or business, but times have changed, and for the better, too. Building regulations now strongly favor automatic door systems, as do insurers of all kinds of business premises. The culture change can reflect a general move towards increasing health and safety concerns for businesses on many fronts.

Manual Door Service: Can You Afford Not To Consider It?

While a manual door can be a smart choice for some businesses, many companies will find that it simply does not offer the level of service or convenience they have come to expect from modern public buildings. The majority of businesses and public buildings now offer automatic door systems as standard. It is becoming increasingly unusual to see manual doors on any business premises. Of course, you may allow door entry for special guests, but generally speaking, the automatic door system is a much more popular choice for visit for all members.

Automatic Door Service: Making It A Guaranteed Experience

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To ensure that your doors function at their best, use a trustworthy provider that can handle both installation and any required repairs if something goes wrong. Repairs are essential because the door system is, in effect, your business lifeline. When it breaks down or malfunctions, it’s time to call for help!

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Automatic Door Service: The Key To Success

Today, the automatic door system is a crucial aspect of business operations. Any business which does not offer this level of service is at risk of appearing behind the times and unable to keep up with its competitors.

Manual Door Service: A Time for Change?

There are still holdouts who believe that manual doors are more than adequate for their needs, but such an attitude is becoming more and more unusual. Considering that the automatic door system offers several benefits, it’s not surprising that many businesses opt for this type of service.


Locksmith Paddington may indeed be able to provide manual door services, but it’s not the done thing anymore. Businesses need an automatic door system to remain competitive and safe. That said, Stronghold Locksmith Paddington does offer several other security services, including locksmith, locks changed, and locks repair.

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