Lock Maintenance Tips From Your Local Locksmith Professional

A lock is a product that’s primarily used outdoors, where it’s exposed to the elements. Properly maintaining it can help prevent jamming. Through natural usage, dirt grime, salt, and dust can still find their way into the key cylinder. Because of this, performing scheduled maintenance by your local locksmith is very important, just like changing the oil in your car or looping the chain on your bicycle. There’s no hard timeline on when you should maintain your lock, it really depends on the elements and frequency that you use it. However we at Stronghold locksmith Hamilton, bi-monthly is a good start.

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Lubing the locks

If you are already in the habit of lubing your bicycle chain, adding your lock to the lubing list is a good way to start. For harsher elements like rain, snow, or living near the ocean, you may want to increase the frequency of maintenance until you feel like it is working smoothly. Usually, a water-based lubricant is the best one to go for. Lubricating locks regularly will ensure that they move and work in ways they should.

Keeping the door closer in check for repairs


Door closers make sure that the door is closed properly whenever it’s opened according to user preferences. The latch and swing speed should be adjusted if the closers are not functioning properly, they put a strain on the door locks. For example, if your house is in a windy area like hamilton, you may want the door to close a bit faster so that a gush of wind doesn’t come in the way and bring damage.

Being gentle when unlocking them

Maintenance by your local locksmith isn’t all about the after-care. Being gentle when opening the lock is equally important. A lot of people have the habit of forcefully inserting or pulling through the keys inside the lock. Often times they also close the door using the key that is already inside the lock. The extra force and pressure bring damage to the metal hardware of the lock and damages it.

Cleaning them the right way

No, you cannot use any random dishwasher soap to clean your locks from the grime and dirt. Water and a soft cloth are enough to keep them shiny and looking nice. However, if you still wish to use a cleaning agent, go for a mild detergent. Strictly avoid petroleum-based products as they bring damage the functionality of the lock.

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Damaged Keys

The keys that go inside a broken lock have a higher chance of being damaged and get their structure warped. The keys and locks go hand in hand; a broken key can damage a lock and vice versa. It’s important to keep in mind that the keys should be replaced by your local locksmith as soon as they start showing any signs of wear and tear. A locksmith’s tip is to keep the original key unused and have copies of it made.

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Maintaining the hardware of the door itself

Even the highest quality lock will not work properly if the exterior is resting on is in a bad shape. A door with unaligned hinges and mounting brackets will put the lock under pressure and may damage it. Therefore, make sure that along with maintaining the lock with the help of your local locksmith, the door itself is in a good shape and doesn’t affect the smooth functioning of the lock.

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