When should you change the locks?

the locks

How Often Should You Replace Your Locks For Your Home? Most of us take our home’s locks for granted, but they are the first line of defense against intruders. Regardless of the safety and security measures, a door is probably the most likely point of entry into your house. Locks assume importance to protect your


Locksmith Hamilton

Stronghold Locksmith Hamilton must go through extensive, rigorous training at schools that you can research and verify easily. Why else should you trust a locksmith service? We have given some reasons why a certified locksmith is worth it: There are many reasons why you may need to replace your locks or have them inspected and

Local Locksmith- More than just keys and locks

Traditionally local locksmith hamilton have worked with wood and metal to cater to security concerns. However, with the rising crime rate and increased security concerns, locksmiths are not just about just locks and keys. In the modern-day, locksmiths like Stronghold locksmith Hamilton are often seen working in high tech shops, cybersecurity companies where they work ...

Lock Maintenance Tips From Your Local Locksmith Professional

A lock is a product that’s primarily used outdoors, where it’s exposed to the elements. Properly maintaining it can help prevent jamming. Through natural usage, dirt grime, salt, and dust can still find their way into the key cylinder. Because of this, performing scheduled maintenance by your local locksmith is very important, just like changing ...

Burglary Preventions 101

Staying safe is no easier as the thieves are getting cleverer when it comes to breaking into your home. If you look down the neighbourhood street, can you tell which houses look more appealing to the burglars? We all think we’re doing the right thing. We buy security cameras for the house, alarm systems, light ...