Have You Checked Your Home Security?

Home Security

You can check the security of your property throughout your home.

There are a few simple checks. Some of the following checks are good for you to do at least once a year.


check your locks

Let’s start with the locks already in place. It is a good idea to check your property’s locks. All of them work properly. Have you got keys to all of them? Make your locks easy to maintain at home, keep them clean and make sure they turn properly. It could be a good idea to call a Locksmith Newstead and have all your locks key in the same key if you are unable to find keys for all locks.

You can also start at the bottom and re-key and hold all your locks. You can thus cut new keys and know exactly how many keys your property has. Follow who has a key and where they are all.


check outdoor lighting

Installed outside sensor lights can be used to deter unwanted visitors during dark hours. However, if the bulb has died or the light control switch is defective, you shouldn’t use outdoor lighting. Take a regular look into your light globes and why not upgrade them while you are at it to an energy-saving light bulb. Verify that your sensor has an adequate timeout and the device is clean.

Now is the time to check your accommodation areas, if you have no motion detecting lights installed around your property. These sites are excellent places for sensor lights. You give the way to the people who are welcome and bully those who are not supposed to go.


spare key

It is a very common practice to hide spare keys around the yard. This also means that it is a well-known person and unwanted guests know that it’s just possible to check under a doormat, a rock, or a flowerpot. The keyboard-protected key box secured to a wall in the garage or meter box can be a better choice for the replacement key storage instead of choosing an easily located nearby object.

Leave it to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family rather than keep the replacement key to your property.


It is a good idea to look at the view from the road to your property. Be careful when you come home and take care of how your home looks. Nobody’s home, can you say? In the evening, what about? Can you see a large TV in the front room if you run off the front on an average night? The eye of opportunistic people can catch high ticket items visible from the road. Some of these problems can be combated with plants placed in your windows. If it is visible and you leave for a long time, you may consider getting a TV timer. It might draw more attention than if a remarkable item like a TV doesn’t last a few days.

Garages store more than just cars, and with the safety of your home, they can be a weak place. You may think of frosting the glass if you have windows at your garage doors. It provides a sheltered place for you to take time to access your property when your garage is attached to your house. It is recommended to ensure that any garage access points have locks and that these locks are included in your annual lock checklist.

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