Protecting Your Apartment In A Multi-Level Complex

Protecting Your Apartment In A Multi-Level Complex

Living in an apartment presents renters with an exceptional set of challenges in terms of home safety. You need to consider certain items that a self-sufficient home doesn’t. This includes access to the building for security, security risks in common areas, and the consideration of strata laws that are often beyond your control.

Let’s look at the safety measures for your home apartment that you can put in place.

1. Install a motion detector

Install a motion detector

If you don’t have the idea of a record wireless security camera at the entrance to your apartment, this is a great option. A motion detector does not record talk and has no cameras. These devices are designed for confidentiality. Minute is our favorite motion sensor. It monitors movement, noise, and temperature activities. So it’s helpful if your neighbor complains when it’s quiet about your apartment’s loud noise. However, the best feature Minut has as a security device is to make it an alarm. When you’re not at home, it’s great to use. Turn on the app when leaving the front door

2. Lock all your doors and windows

Lock all your doors and windows

Close doors and windows all the time. Living in a ground-floor apartment doesn’t mean the thieves’ going to miss it. An Apple MacBook was stolen on a balcony from a flat on the first floor and a third-floor apartment was used as a theft. Thus, although a burglar cannot stop you from climbing your complex, it can be difficult for you to enter your place. Consider a deadlatch if you forget to always lock your door. Once the door closes, a deadline will lock. An external key releases the door. If not, use the thumb turn for the inside to unlock. In the case of windows, select a window limiting device if you decide to open them. This enables a fraction of the window to open.

Second, replace all of your hinged plate’s screws, which bore deeper into the wood, with ones of at least 75mm long. Intruders will find it difficult to use brute force. Let’s make intruders more difficult and safe for your home, in turn! Burglars are always looking for a fast and easy access point.

3. Set up your balcony with a security camera

Set up your balcony with a security camera

Although the robberies can still occur somewhere away from your apartment. This could happen when someone goes up or down from the balcony of another apartment. A security camera at least is a must while you do not need a high-quality safety system in place. They record every event that takes place at any hour of the day or night on your balcony. Many cameras allow you to schedule schedules if you do not want to record or notify you while you are home. Check out Reolink’s range if you are looking for a fast and simple solution. These are fully DIY-friendly cameras. To prevent a low battery, wirelessly install Reolink cameras or add solar panels.

4. Check before answering the door

Check before answering the door

Although you can have a safe entrance to your apartment building, an intruder can still enter in many ways. This ranges from the left door of the building to sneak inside. So how can you protect your apartment without opening a door against uninvited guests/intruders? Install an eye-catching door. This way, without opening the door you can safely see who is outside.

5. Report any damage

Keeping your apartments and others above any damage or danger is a great way to protect them. Then report this immediately if the lighting is gone or the main security door/gate breaks. There’s also a time frame worth it for how long it takes to fix it. It may even be worth following up, depending on how good your body is in fixing it if it is not done in the time given. As the main door/gate remains locked, unwanted guests are less likely to enter.

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